New domain for easy access to my rants

After having issues with my free .tk domain, I’ve decided to dump it and go with full on proper domain. Not through WordPress coz I’m a cheap bastard, so it’ll still be just a simple domain redirect to WordPress blog, but it’ll be easy to remember. Now I just have to change it in all my apps which will be a massive pain in the ass. But oh well.

You can reach my blog via or Easy enough to remember? 🙂

4 thoughts on “New domain for easy access to my rants

    1. Free domain? I could only find paid one and even then it’s just redirect unless you also have a paid WordPress plan. I got it cheaper separately.


      1. The (, domain that all free accounts have, but I guess you want a unique domain instead correct?


      2. I did not know about Google Domains (, I never had my own custom domain before so I have no experience with this, I imagine that you are not a Google fan, but I happened to see that as I was just glancing around at some of the options; anyway good luck.


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