Thanks Mozilla for doing the right thing with Other Bookmarks in toolbar

I tend to shit on Mozilla for their dumb design decisions, but I’m going to make a different post this time. I’m gonna thank them for finally doing the right thing with Other Bookmarks in bookmarks toolbar, new button that appeared in Firefox 85.

Initially I was annoyed when it randomly appeared in my Firefox 84 builds, because I don’t like it there and I’ve already made Firefox Tweaker for that and then during testing, I’ve noticed right clicking bookmarks toolbar actually displays “Show Other Bookmarks” toggle selection. Meaning my Firefox Tweaker setting is kinda obsolete, but it’ll help me set Firefox up faster on reinstalls so I’ll just leave it there.

Thank you Mozilla, thank you for finally doing design changes the right way, by giving users option. Not everyone is a fan of changes you make and whenever you make something just your way, whether users like it or not without any easy way to change it, that’s a real dick move. But when you do the change, but give users an option to still revert it, if they prefer it the other way, now that is what I can stand behind. And all things should allow such control.

Especially since a lot of Chromium based browsers are doing these “dick moves” and they have zero option to tweak things the way we can in Firefox using Firefox Tweaker for example.

Follow this mentality more and avoid forcing users into things and you’ll get more users. I’m certain of that.

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