Permanent Process Priority Tool released!

I just want to let you all know I’ve released a new tool called Permanent Process Priority Tool (PPPT) which allows you to permanently set a specific process priority for any program in just few clicks.

I’ve created Permanent Process Priority Tool (PPPT) because I had to set Shadow of Tomb Raider to High priority to fix its stupid sound stuttering problem, but there simply isn’t any program or tool that has such functionality where you can set process priority and it would just stick forever. Windows Task Manager doesn’t offer such functionality and most others haven’t been updated since Windows XP or Windows Vista days and basically all of them require you to have a program running that then enforces selected process priority and a lot of them are really buggy, problematic or clumsy and cause all sorts of bizarre problems. PPPT doesn’t have any of such problems, is simple to use and doesn’t have to be running all the time to function. It only has to be run when setting process priority for a program and after that, Windows itself will set the program to user specified process priority. How cool is that. 🙂

For more info and download, visit PPPT’s micro page:


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