Brave, fuck your browser and fuck your feelings

Just don’t bother with Brave browser. People making it are incompetent, being unable to fix broken shit for months and can’t give any feedback to their users so you have to wait and ask about everything like an idiot. And people running their community forum are somehow even worse. Not only the forum is managed like absolute ass, they have the fucking worst word censoring system in place. Fucking single word blocking. Have you written “hell”, “wtf” or stupid/dumb anywhere in the post? Yeah, well, dumb forum will show you a popup that you just used the “no no” word and prevent you from posting it until you remove it. Who the fuck gets offended by “why the hell” in a post? Or “wtf”? Yeah, they literally banned “wtf”. You can’t use it. Or “this is a really stupid problem” because “stupid” is in it? Context fucking matters you absolute retards, you can’t just fucking ban individual words and entirely ignoring context. It makes you look like fucking offended moronic snowflakes. And then you go on and fucking ban me till next year coz you get all offended by my rant about your shitty ass word banning filter that makes writing anything a fucking chore (and I was fucking tame there, not like here on my blog) and your retarded forum is so wonderful I can’t even delete my profile until ban expires as it doesn’t allow you to login at all. Who uses such stupid ass forum software for fucks sake? It fucking stinks. And stop being so fucking offended you need to ban individual words. Who fucking does this? I’ve not seen anything this retarded anywhere. Fuck.

5 thoughts on “Brave, fuck your browser and fuck your feelings

  1. Context Matters ? They Are a team of open source developers. I don’t Think their main priority is to create a workable forum.

    The only browser you need is firefox hardened with about:config to the point you can’t run most sites.

    >People making it are incompetent, being unable to fix broken shit for months
    Take a look at mozilla. They’re Going Complete SJW with “Controlling hate speech”. Compared to firefox , Brave developers are gods.

    >your shitty ass word banning filter
    Oh It’ll be The Norm after 230 is abolished


    1. I love how you have to connect your desktop to your phone(major security risk) just to export you bookmarks… fuck brave and their honypot bullshit.


  2. -I can´t find ANY browser without some kind of bullshit – the good ones are allways eaten by greed or fucked up by stupid patchworking “experts” who has wery little sens of logik and on top plain dumb/lazy, some time one want to ask if anybody even ran a test of these fuckup´s before loading it as “updates” (updates are usualy handled like rotten eggs and liquid shit in this house, gues why…)
    >>>*we are hoping for some brand new simple browsers, not based on any chrome or that kind of weak patchwork, just browser without all the ad-on and useless bullshit, clean browser, just browser – NOTHING BUT BROWSER (get it?) -let us do the rest, if we need any tolls or security, we can manege, thank you, or use one of the smokescreen-patchwork-browsers flooding the net…
    -some people can build a simple browser in a what match a small calculator, in fackt: the time I used wrighting this are longer than it takes to type a simple browser or a website…
    -wew -I´m sorry about this messy wrighting, take it or bleed it out…
    …for a Dane, spelling in english are like a burned down barn in Siberia -and no… …there are NO spelling correction an this old junkware LOL

    y.s. G.O.V. Grumpy Old Viking
    p.s. have a nice one


  3. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    I´M OUT OF HERE (cleaning restoring tracking aso)
    G.O.V. Gumpy Old Viking


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