Google, screw your new “Sign into Youtube” popup

It’s been a long while since I ditched everything Google. No Google Search, no GMail, no Google Maps, no Google Chrome, hell, even ditched Android phones. Nothing. Only thing that I sort of still use is Youtube because it’s holding total monopoly and there simply isn’t any worthwhile alternative. And so I’ve been using it without being signed in. Because fuck you Google, why would I.

But recently, something like yesterday or 2 days ago, I started seeing “Sign in to Youtube” popup appearing when trying to watch whatever. And while you can dismiss the damn thing, it’s annoying. Google kept on bitching for various things trying to make you sign in and this one just adds to the pile of many. And it’s annoying. I DON’T WANT TO SIGN IN, because you’re annoying and you suck at privacy, but I’m forced to stick around because most creators are on Youtube. But I sure as fuck don’t want to sign in.

8 thoughts on “Google, screw your new “Sign into Youtube” popup

  1. Some years ago I created three totally bogus accounts: one for Google, one for email verification, and one for Facebook. Sometimes you just need to sign in, so give them what they want. It’s better than being aggravated.


  2. The new ‘Sign in’ bullshit is an annoyance too far. I simply don’t go to the youtube website anymore. If they ever decide to play nice again, maybe I’ll check back in. Until then, F youtube.


  3. They are obviously getting desperate for more and more data, especially with YT Premium being a such a fail for them.

    The multiple and unskipable were enough as it was. I’ve given up on the app and use Firefox or Opera with adblockers now.


    1. Avoid Opera. It’s owned By The Chinese. You Can EIther Give it to a US Company Or A Chinese One(At this point both behaver the same way).

      Use Firefox with Ublock origin and search for “hardering Firefox” and “” .They help you make your firefox what it actually used to be unlike the stupid “pockets version” 83.0


  4. specially with these morons use the same auth cookie for all their dipshit sites…. so you can’t even sign into gmail without it using the same damn auth for youtube…. fuck GOOGLE


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