Mozilla, go eat a bag of dicks with your new stupid URL bar!

Because new dumb URL bar wasn’t enough to just be enabled by default in all its flashing oversized glory, Mozilla now decided to just say FUCK YOU to everyone who turned this dumb ass URL design OFF by forcibly removing the “browser.urlbar.update1” switch, preventing all of us, including my Firefox Tweaker from disabling it. We’re now stuck with this dumbass new URL bar that’s still oversized, clips surrounding browser elements, looks ugly and idiotic and doesn’t provide absolutely no benefits with such obnoxiously dumb design. Mozilla released this retarded URL bar design with Firefox 75 and hasn’t fixed a fucking thing about it in 2 versions. Except shoving it down everyone’s throats with version 77. I’ve complained about it to a point they banned me from the subreddit and despite fucking ton of people complaining over it, they decided to just roll this shit anyway. Seriously Mozilla, go eat a bag of dicks. You fucking suck at designing interface and you’re a fucking disgrace to the trade you’re in. Doing a fucking browser. Not really surprised why people go using fucking Google Chrome even though it’s literally a spyware in a shape of a browser…

9 thoughts on “Mozilla, go eat a bag of dicks with your new stupid URL bar!

    1. I honestly don’t know at this point. I’m so fucking furious I even tried Microsoft Edge and it’s like 500 times less retarded than Firefox 77. And all without moronic URL bar like in Firefox now. I just can’t believe how fucking dumb and arrogant Mozilla is. They left tweaks that go back for years, but they fucking trashed this one after just 2 fucking versions. For a feature that’s probably most hated in entire existence of Firefox. I just don’t know what the fuck devs at Mozilla are smoking. Must be some rotten weed full of fucking mold and mushrooms.

      I think I’m just gonna trash the idea of having bookmarks synced between Windows and iOS at this point. Thanks Mozilla, you utter retards. Fuck, I still can’t believe how they fucking trashed Firefox into oblivion with just 2 versions. I also stopped giving a fuck if browser is based on Chromium at this point all thanks to Mozilla. Great job I guess.

      Current state:
      – Firefox, a rollercoaster of retardation but only browser that syncs fucking bookmarks between Windows and iOS
      – Edge, to my surprise actually the least retarded and actually well designed, have some privacy concerns (has syncing problems coz of NextDNS apparently)
      – Brave, good but utterly broken syncing
      – Opera, good but owned by Chinese, quite fiddly to set it up and has no syncing for iOS with its dumb Opera Touch

      Even though Vivaldi doesn’t have an iOS browser at all, I think I’m gonna go with it. I heard they are making iOS version too and desktop version got ad and tracker blocking, when they’ll add mouse gestures it’ll be basically complete. It’s the least retarded and most configurable and has working syncing at least between Windows systems. Or I’m even go and do a dumb thing and use Edge. What fucking year is this? First a fucking virus that turned whole world up side down and now I’m gonna use Microsoft’s browser after some 20 years. What the fuck…

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      1. Hello RejZoR,

        I have tried all of those except for Vivaldi, I did not use Opera enough to have an opinion of it, the new ownership of Opera was a concern.

        The Chromium based Microsoft Edge has surprised me as well, I especially like the built-in Real Aloud option to read websites out loud even on the mobile version, and so things are looking bad for Firefox (which I am still using mostly, but I jump between it and Edge and sometimes Brave and Chrome just to see if anything has changed).

        Mozilla seems to be making some bad decisions recently, not all bad, but too many during times like this where they are losing users and most browsers are now Chromium based; their future is looking worse and worse.

        The current browser situation is a strange one.

        Thank you for responding,
        -John Jr


      2. I’m actually giving Opera another go (again). I’d stay with Vivaldi, but for some reason it takes really long to load webpages and ProtonMail’s extension won’t remember my login which is super annoying. Opera has few annoyances and no iOS version that isn’t the stupid Opera Touch, but at least it works for what it is and I need a lot less extensions because ad blocking and mouse gestures is already built-in. Which is nice. I’m gonna ignore Chinese ownership for the sake of having usable browser. I just can’t fucking stand the damn “mega” bar in Firefox this badly.

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      3. Interesting, hopefully Mozilla will make some improvements before it is too late, as we try other browsers they are at risk of losing even more users.

        -John Jr


  1. I totally agree with these statements. Several versions ago they made it default. Looked around and found the about:config to turn it off. As I kept reading around, I saw an update that the Beta of 77 did not honor the overrides. At that point I started migrating to Chrome, knowing that I would have no choice in v77. During that time using both browsers, I’ve been able to get everything migrated over and am all settled in. Haven’t used Firefox in like two or three weeks. Good riddance!



    Mozilla cant fix their browser for the life of them. It is 2020 and they still cant figure it out. It has been garbage way before build 40.01 There are no browsers that work as they should. Every one of these ignorant developers are clueless. These companies that hire web browser developers must hire ten dollar an hour developers. No real developers would work for a company like Mozilla.

    If only a company would sell you a browser and guarantee it under a warranty, like a real program. They wont though because they know they cant create one that works.


    1. I never thought I would ever switch from Firefox Browser, but they forced this crap browser on me when I was right in the middle of important business. I deleted it and tried to download the Firefox ESR 68.12.0 . But I am not that savy, and I couldn’t open it as it is a bz2 file and I am pretty illiterate. So I decided to use the Samsung Internet browser that comes with my Galaxy tablet. I highly recommend it, although Samsung washing machines are crap, so I hate them for that. lol! The browser can be modified with add ons, just like the good old Firefox.


  3. Firefox apparently only hires brain damaged retards these days. A lobotomized ape missing half it’s brain is more intelligent than their average employee. Fuck, I’m pretty sure 5 day dead road kill has a higher IQ


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