Too many AirPods clones

I wanted to grab a pair of wireless headphones for my laptop coz I often watch stuff on laptop in the living room and then I have my wire over the “walking” area around the couch.  It’s a bit inconvenient if someone walks there or I tangle up the wire somehow and pull the laptop. So, wireless should solve it.

And since I really hate silicone thingie earphones which you need to stuff inside the ear, only option nowadays are Apple’s earphones. I’ve tried EarPods that came with iPhone and they were great, except with wire of course. And since I wasn’t quite ready to commit spending 189€ on original AirPods, the idea was to grab one of AirPods clones. Not because I can’t afford the real deal, I just didn’t think I needed the real deal for what I’ll be using them. They should work fine and you can get pretty good ones for around 50€ and people say they are cloned to a point they feel the same and sound quality is actually pretty similar. 50€ is still a lot cheaper than 189€, right? Ok, so I have priorities set, lets find some clones I said and ventured on AliExpress and looked for some AirPods clones. And there was immediately a problem. I know early models were named i7 TWS and there were iterations up to i10 TWS. It would be straight forward if the listings were not a mishmash of specs, images and numbers with largest possible number, because larger number means better product. By Chinese standards anyways. There are also i100 TWS, i1000 TWS, i10000 TWS and I could even find i100000 TWS with all the number iterations from 1 to 9 in between and they all promise they are the best thing after sliced bread.

Was browsing through them for quite some time and the more I was looking at them, the more confusing it was. In the end it was so confusing I did the unthinkable and just ordered the real Apple’s AirPods 2. Because only that way I was sure what I was paying for. Coz paying even 50€ for a bad clone wouldn’t be saving money for what I need them for, if they ended up being crappy first clone generation with made up specs. I wonder how many people did the same because of absurd versioning sellers are doing…

So, good job sellers on AliExpress, you’re so confusing with your bullshit descriptions and images, people end up buying the real thing for 3x as much instead lol. If I’m spending anything, I want to know what I’m spending on. Even if it’s something budget, cheaper or “clone”… Well, that was a weird journey of buying wireless earphones…

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