Amazon is being retarded

What the frigging hell is with Amazon recently? I was usually buying from Amazon Germany or Amazon UK since we don’t have any in local one Slovenia and never had problems. But recently, almost any item I pick, it shows like they deliver it on the initial product page, but when I click it through almost to the basket, it starts whining that they can’t deliver to my address. How about if you’d fucking tell me that 5 pages ago instead of me clicking through shit thinking I’m gonna buy something and then it shits on me. And what the fuck is with it bitching over almost anything? I’ve gone through like 15 products and they all couldn’t be delivered to my address. Are you fucking shitting me? You don’t like my money all of a sudden? Dafuck?

Is anyone else all of a sudden unable to buy anything from Amazon for some dumb reason?

3 thoughts on “Amazon is being retarded

  1. That happens to me sometime with orders from U.S. sellers (I live in Canada). Agreed, it is beyond annoying.


    1. But why the hell it can’t tell me that they don’t ship to my address on item page, not 5 clicks into the basket. I’ve wasted so much time clicking through hundreds of pages just to find out none will ship to my address. When it could tell me on first item page.


  2. I recently terminated my account on Amazon due to their new obsession of requiring me to do a captcha to login, then sometimes do a code sent to my email, then sometimes re-do the captcha…just to login. When they refused to take me to the ‘terminate account’ page, I circumvented their BS by switching my email and password to a long line of random keystrokes. I may end up paying a bit more in the long run, but everything Amazon sells can be found elsewhere, and it’s worth it not to deal with their crap, so Bezos can shove Amazon up his lil poo hole.


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