Horrible video tearing in Firefox with WebRender + NVIDIA Adaptive V-Sync enabled

Oh shit, here we go again. Ages ago I had stupid horrible image tearing in browser with NVIDIA Adaptive V-Sync enabled globally (you know, coz I hate image tearing in all games) and this is now yet again causing the tearing in videos on latest Firefox 67 with WebRender enabled. Mostly in videos where camera is panning left and right. WebRender is the new Firefox webpage rendering engine and it seems it’s not going well with NVIDIA’s Adaptive V-Sync feature. And they were initially testing it with NVIDIA. Heh. I guess no one uses Adaptive V-Sync to spot this in like 5 seconds of video watching… It’s again going to take months for NVIDIA to fix this shit… yay…

3 thoughts on “Horrible video tearing in Firefox with WebRender + NVIDIA Adaptive V-Sync enabled

  1. Personally I just use RivaTuner to limit FPS to my refresh rate, which is 75hz. It works for most games just fine. Onl’y one I had problem with was Rage 2, which doesn’t seem to work with RivaTuner. But I never globally enabled adaptive sync, before that I used FastSync, which basically allows games to run at whatever FPS they would and introduces a buffer between display and frame output to send latest complete frame to display at display refresh rate. It does introduce less of input lag than Vsync. And that is about it, works for me and I saw no issues with FF.


  2. Not a problem for me, as I have officially (and with much malice aforethought) flipped Firefox the ‘Birdie of Death’, and moved on. I now use Centaury and Mypal on XP Pro, with Waterfox and Slimjet on MX Linux. The latest Mozilla Mothership plot to withhold access and download of addons until upgrade was the final straw for me….though I had a growing hate-on for them since the australis BS. I’m Firefox-free! Yes, I know Centaury, Mypal, Waterfox & TOR browser are deriatives….don’t be a party-poop while I’m gloating!


  3. I am Firefox free as well. I have always been a chrome fan. I have alwas wanted to give Centaury a try but have yet to pull the trigger. Interesting thoughts shared here. Thanks


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