Alcon AOSept Plus with HydraGlide lens solution causing foggy vision

I can’t believe Alcon hasn’t addressed this for years now. I’ve heard some reports from users ages ago that peroxide solution AOSept Plus with HydraGlide causes foggy vision. And I said, maybe it’s just in their case. Until I tried it anyway myself and I got exactly the same results. Foggy vision no matter what lenses I was using. Gave it to a relative to try and got the same results.

Read about it some more and even more people were reporting same thing. And what has Alcon done? Nothing. The damn thing is still selling like all is fine. The version without HydraGlide was fine, but it’s next to impossible to get now because everyone is selling the HydraGlide version. Only peroxide solution sold where I live is EasySept from Bausch & Lomb, but it costs 5€ more per bottle for same amount which is very annoying and very significant. But it doesn’t cause foggy vision so that’s what I’m forced to use now.

I’d like to hear more about this from users and would be also nice to hear what Alcon has to say about it. If they even have anything to say at all…

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