Netflix, why are you so shit with recommendations?

I’ve been noticing for a while how shit Netflix is at recommending things to watch to me. And I’m not sure if this is just an European thing or is it so shit in US of A as well. They keep on sending “Netflix tonight” mails with movies I’ve either already watched or they keep on repeating same ones while freaking NEVER letting me know about actual newly added movies and series unless it’s Netflix Original.

The other day I was lurking through bunch of categories and noticed there are movies I was interest in, but Netflix never let me know they were added. Not even in fucking “Recently added” timeline. But they made sure to recommend me ARQ for the freaking 8th time…

So I purposely went out of my way to look for “what’s new on Netflix” by using dedicated “Recently added” screen. Guess what I got. A home screen with all timelines which you get when you open Netflix in browser for the first time. WTF?

And if I click on “Explore all” next to it I get this…


And if I select A-Z instead of “Suggestions for you” I again get the home screen with all “timelines”…

Netflix, stop dicking around, this is ridiculous. And they are planning on ramping up the prices. Are you shitting me? Not only Europeans get like 4x less content than Americans for higher price (coz of fucking awesome $=€), Netflix can’t seem to get their basic fucking functionality work right. Finding things that were added to Netflix is fucking pain in the ass and instead of just checking what’s new and adding it to My List for viewing queue, I need to dig through entire god damn library skipping all the fucking movies I’ve already watched and look for thumbnails that look new. Fucking hell. Get your shit together Netflix…

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