Firefox for Android finally supports password managers like Bitwarden or LastPass!

For a long time I was basically forced to use Opera for Android because Firefox didn’t support accessibility services, meaning you couldn’t use password managers like LastPass or Bitwarden with it. And that was a huge deal because when you’re using long and complex passwords, you have to rely on these. But today, I tried it again to see if it supports this yet and guess what, Firefox for Android now supports that!

You can finally use Bitwarden or LastPass with Firefox on Android! Fiery Fox, I’m coming back 🙂 I liked Opera, but Firefox being open source and now only browser with own rendering engine, I always liked it more. It was just that lack of support for password managers that was a total showstopper for me. Not anymore 🙂

5 thoughts on “Firefox for Android finally supports password managers like Bitwarden or LastPass!

  1. Hello RejZoR,

    That is good news.

    I used to be a Firefox user but I switched to Google Chrome several years ago unfortunately because of some issues with Firefox on Ubuntu and Windows like: spell check not being enabled in certain areas and even when you manually enable it will be disabled again next time you return to that page or exit the browser which was a big problem when doing posts on and using search engines and certain areas like that within websites et cetera, plug-ins not having an automatic update option (I am not sure if this is a problem still or not) so you had to manually update them which no one I know does so they would be running outdated plug-ins without people like me to update for them manually, the loss of the paste as plain text option when you click the right mouse button, poorer malicious / grayware website blocking in most tests that I have seen compared to Chrome and Edge et cetera even though Firefox supposedly uses Google Safe Browsing for this, and maybe one or more issues.

    If those things were fixed then I would possibly return to Firefox because I like that it is open source, free, has a permanent private mode option, is more privacy focused, et cetera; I did not want to use Chrome but it did not have those issues so I switched to it hoping that one day Firefox would fix those problems, but I hate how there is no permanent private mode option in Chrome so I have to use a shortcut set to automatically open in Incognito Mode.

    Google obviously does not want to add a permanent private mode option for obvious reasons, but I have still suggested it to them for years now.

    -John Jr


    1. Chrome is a privacy nightmare. I might sound like a paranoid nutcase parroting about privacy for last few months, but really, Google Chrome is like the ultimate data harvester. It sees everything you do in pretty much everything combined. Browsing, searching, social media that’s not even from Google and even if you’re using private services like Protonmail, I bet their spell checking is hoarding data as you’re typing things. And as news shown recently, Edge going Chrome engine as well, that’s really bad for the whole internet. Which was also one of reasons why I wanted to go back to Firefox. Hell, any alternative is better than Chrome, like Opera or Vivaldi, both based on Chromium, but at least they aren’t loaded with Google stuff…

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      1. Hello RejZoR,

        Am I imaging things are did you used to have a Gravatar / avatar (

        I guess the Google situation is even worse than I thought.

        I might try Firefox again to see if any of those issues are fixed, like I said before, I would rather use it than Chrome.

        I guess I need to reduce my Google usage even more, I already use DuckDuckGo as my main search engine, but I use Gmail / YouTube / Google News / Google Maps / Google Chrome / Google Photos / Google+ / et cetera.

        -John Jr


      2. Thank you for sharing that link RejZoR.

        I actually have Here Maps on my mobile phone because I have an old Lumia 635 (512 MB version) with Windows Phone 8.1.

        -John Jr


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