Gab is back online!

After getting kicked offline by Joyent because Gab happened to have that shooter asshole among its users (gee, why no one booted Twitter and Facebook for having same retard among their users as well?) is now back online. It still has some hiccups, but it’s working. Will probably take a bit for it to become fully operational.

All this dicking around and pissing on Gab is clearly politically motivated because they did nothing wrong and nothing different than how Twitter or Facebook operate. And yet Gab is getting fucked in the ass on all possible ends, but Twitter and Facebook, nothing at all. Facebook even ran fucking white supremacist ads in the meanwhile which means they actually took money from someone and ran with it and they are just “sorry” now. Fuck off.

I hope this desperate censoring of Gab bullshit will ends soon. And kudos to Andrew Torbo for not giving up.


3 thoughts on “Gab is back online!

  1. Hello RejZoR,

    This is definitely unfair treatment, but I am glad that it is back up for you.

    Last week I tried to make a Facebook account again, I had to submit ID because I wanted to use my suffix instead of my last name, that was approved and I was able to have an account, I created a Facebook Page so that I can use the Publicize option through but then my account got locked when I was adjusting my settings still and I had to provide my phone number to unlock it which worked, then the next day when I was adjusting my settings again I got locked out again and it asked for my photograph so I submitted it, I never heard back so I logged in so see that my account was disabled and I went to sent an appeal but the option to submit ID would not work so I just submitted it with a message, and I still have not heard back and no email was sent letting me know that my account was disabled or why and the only thing that I did was adjust my settings and only one post from my blog was submitted during that time.

    I guess no Facebook for me, which is no loss, I hate their setup anyway; but most people I know use that and nothing else that I use.

    -John Jr


    1. That’s how they are harvesting data from users. Twitter is doing same bullshit. They lock you out and then pretend you can only “verify” your account by giving them your phone number. After digging through support page, I found Twitter actually lists e-mail as an option for verification when account is suspended/locked, but they intentionally don’t mention it ANYWHERE on the screen where they beg for your phone number. Disgusting tactics and people just willingly hand over EVERYTHING they are asked for. Because hey, it’s Facebook, everyone’s on it. But if you ask them on the street or anywhere else for that matter and they’ll refuse to. It’s hilarious actually. Then again, people are so used to just handing out their info these days they might even do it regardless…

      I I’m frankly kinda proud that I’m that odd black sheep who doesn’t have Facebook. Or Twitter (anymore).

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      1. Hello RejZoR,

        I think that you are mostly right about that sadly.

        At least I still have even though no one I know uses it or will use it, and I have only ever gotten a few people I know to ever even glance at it at least once. 😀

        It is sad that the people I know ignore a place like, where we have the option to allow anyone to view and comment on your content without even needing an account, and they rather stay behind poorly designed walled gardens like Fakebook instead of communicating with others in more open places like

        Thank you for responding,
        -John Jr


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