Banned again from Vivaldi forums XD

Ahaha, you can’t make this shit up. So, I got banned again from Vivaldi forums.

First I got banned because dumb moderators got butthurt over perfectly civil feedback I gave them. Because they arrogantly just banned me straight away I ranted about it here on my blog. Because why the fuck not? If they don’t allow me to respond there, then I’ll do it here, on my terms. And some lovely chap from actual Vivaldi team got in touch with me, thanked me for feedback and unbanned me.

Days and weeks have passed and I didn’t post anything on Vivaldi forums since then. Today,ย  get e-mail that I was banned from Vivaldi forums (again) for, wait for this shit… coz I was rolling on the floor for whole hour after reading it XD

This is the reason why you have been banned:

Violating Terms of Use / Offensive language at

First of all, I can’t violate your fucking ToS by posting a comment or rant OUTSIDE of your fucking webpage and secondly, stick your fucking offensive language up your sorry fucking puritan ass. Jesus fucking christ, this obsession with politeness everywhere is becoming fucking revolting.

The rant solely exists because of you fucking idiot moderators. If you weren’t such fucking arrogant retards, none of it would exist in the first place. I don’t even give a shit if I’m banned anymore, I don’t want to participate in such garbage community anyway.


6 thoughts on “Banned again from Vivaldi forums XD

  1. Hello Rejzor,

    Wow, that is new, getting banned at another website for alleged offensive language at your own blog that somehow allegedly violates the other website’s Terms Of Service.

    Do you think that you will get banned here at any time soon?

    It sounds like you are running out of places online, and Gab might be in danger with all the pressure on it.

    You might have to get creative and use acceptable / coded / replacement words in-place of alleged offensive language and / or use a less known language like Esperanto or some other language when you want to use offensive language and / or mockingly use overly nice politically correct and / or posh (upper class) language. ๐Ÿ˜€

    -John Jr


    1. Yeah, this is the first time I’ve seen this shit too. Like, anywhere. I’ve heard Twitter was thinking of pulling this shit off and banning you for off site shit, but Vivaldi forums folks beat them to it lmao. What a sad shitshow which just shows how monumentally butthurt they were. The thing with “offensive language” is, no one is forcing you to read it or be offended by it. Which is why this fuckery with EVERYONE being fucking offended these days is so fucking hilarious. It’s 7 billion people on this planet, you can bet there will always be one idiot offended by something demanding swift justice and censorship because his boo boo got hurt. Which is why catering to offended idiots kinda pointless because there will always be some offended retard.

      Same goes for WordPress potentially banning me. Then you may want to ask yourself (or they asking themselves), why? Am I forcing anyone to read my blog and them getting triggered by my swear words and “profanity”? No. If someone doesn’t like it, there’s the X button on top right corner. Piss the fuck off. It’s literally that simple.

      This politeness bullshit reminds me of Black Mirror episode “Nosedive”. Our society is heading that way and that episode captured it so perfectly it’s almost scary.

      I came to Vivaldi forums with good intention of giving feedback and improve the browser. If I say “X feature is dumb because Y” that doesn’t mean I’m saying the person who made it is dumb. I literally just said the X feature is. But if you take it personally, which people at Vivaldi certainly have ON BEHALF OF DEVELOPERS (this shit where people get offended on behalf of others is especially golden), then that’s their fucking problem. Which is why Vivaldi browser has all sorts of design problems. Because of this dumb politeness and fear of offending someone. Also those people having low standards and no clue how UI/UX is perceived by masses, but they look at it on individual level as if it’s only their toy and no one elses.

      But I don’t give a shit now. They told me to fuck off and I will. It’s their loss, not mine. I’m just gonna use and give feedback to those who appreciate it. Those someone being guys at Opera. They don’t mind the feedback, even critical one. No one to this date was bothered or being massively butthurt by negative feedback there. Which is nice and I appreciate it. It’s also one of reasons why Opera is so good. Just a shame they play it so passive because they could have a far greater user share with cool features they pack…

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      1. Hello RejZoR,

        I wonder will what we dream about be used against us in the near future, I blog my dreams everyday, and so that would put me at high risk. ๐Ÿ˜€

        That is a good point that you brought up there; I am curious what responses they would give.

        That is a good one, I was trying to think up a video or GIF to add to my previous comment, and Nosedive slipped my mind (I like Black Mirror and I have seen every season so far, and this year I watched Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams which is similar); it still would be interesting to see you have a bit of fun and try talking like that to them sometimes ๐Ÿ˜€ .

        That is good that you have another browser that you can still give feedback to, I wish that more developers would put their extensions in the Opera Store or whatever (like Video DownloadHelper), and I would give Opera a try again.

        I think that your comment inspired my last dream last night where I dreamed of getting job training on Gender sensitization and / or whatever. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Thank you for responding,
        -John Jr


    1. Dude, you’re on my personal blog. What the fuck did you expect? That’s like going into someone’s Instagram page and then complaining they only post photos. Like, lol.


    2. Bonjour Monsieur Bล“uf,

      Maybe you are right, maybe no one loves us.

      I guess it depends on what type of love you are talking about though. ๐Ÿ˜€

      -John Jr


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