pCloud, a reliable backup storage

After reading weird stories about MEGA, I’ve decided to look for alternatives to store my backup data. And after digging through piles of services that had crappy space, crappy limitations or ridiculous prices, like Degoo, tons of space, but only 75 day inactivity limit, which means it’s not reliable for trusty backup. Until I found pCloud.

Free plan with pCloud gives you 10GB of space, you can get extra 4GB by completing few tasks in your account and collecting the reward. And you can expand it further by inviting others. To make things more interesting, they offer 500GB encrypted storage for 4€ a month or 8€ a month for 2TB which sounds quite reasonable. I still miss a 1€ a month plan with 100GB or something along those lines. They also provide lifetime plans though it should be up to you to decide if they are worthwhile.

They also have Android app that surprisingly works well compared to others which are basically all wonky and won’t sync photos and keep on bitching about WiFi connection or just won’t sync unless you open the app which is stupid. MEGA had that idiotic habit… And it’s smart to sync photos somewhere if you have a phone without microSD, if it dies, you’ll lose all photos. With syncing, they are kept safe regardless.

And lastly, the provider is located in Switzerland which has very strict rules for privacy, I ain’t trusting Google Drive coz they like to stick their fingers in everything.

Get 10GB pCloud free by clicking the link below. Using referrer link gives you extra 1GB and I also get 1GB. A win-win for both:

pCloud link with referrer

Link without referrer:

pCloud without referrer

Give it a try. Free plan is quite generous, you don’t have anything to lose. If you have any better offer or provider, let me know down in the comments, but I couldn’t find any that comes close to pCloud.

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