Good riddance Twitter

After the bullshit for which they locked my account and having to bitch for days for fuckers to unlock it without giving them my phone number to “verify” me, I’ve decided I’m done with bullshit “social” platforms like Twitter. I was basically waiting to get access back to my own damn account so I can terminate it on my terms and not just leaving it “locked”. I didn’t miss it for several days or was it 2 weeks already, I don’t know or care, but I have no wish sticking around platform that’s clearly biased leftist muslim loving fuckery. Good riddance Twitter, you won’t be missed and your stupid spineless practices led me to dumping it.

I’m returning back to good old e-mail communication and A free speech Twitter alternative where you are in control over what you see and what you don’t want to see, not some blue haired latte sipping idiot who gets offended on your or someone else’s behalf. On Gab I don’t have to worry about getting my account locked because I expressed an opinion someone found “problematic”.

I’ll write more about Gab in the future…

3 thoughts on “Good riddance Twitter

  1. Hello RejZoR,

    That is unfortunate, thank you for mentioning because I had never heard of it before, I hope that more people will start sharing online platforms that have better free speech and privacy and security et cetera; previously the only platforms that I heard of closer to that were mentioned at the PRISM Break website.

    Make sure to make regular backups of your blog because things seem to be getting slippery here too:

    Thank you and good luck,
    -John Jr


    1. The reason you don’t hear about is because Google and Apple jointly banished it from both app stores with an excuse that it’s a “hate speech platform” because they refuse to ban people based on political views or opinions. Which showed a dangerous storm coming even before the Alex Jones shit hit the fan. If you don’t exist on GooglePlay or Apple Store, you basically don’t exist. And these leftist fruitcakes don’t want you to speak anything they don’t approve of. And they have the audacity to call us fucking nazis. So, yeah, you have to manually install GAB app from their webpage for the phone. Which is why I’m gonna promote it big time and write tutorials how to install it on a phone so people learn about alternative social media that’s being silenced into submission by established leftist corporations. They piss me off and I’m not even a fan of Alex Jones or a right winger for fucks sake.

      As for the link you’ve posted, conspiracy theory sites should exist, for the better or worse, but unauthorized posting of images of minors is a thing of a law and for that I can’t blame the censoring or takedowns. Wrong opinions however shouldn’t be censored and I hope WordPress isn’t doing that. So far no one gave me shit and I write some controversial stuff with plenty of juicy words. So, I have to give credit to WordPress for that. Unless there is more that I’m not aware of…

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      1. Hello RejZoR,

        Wow, that is messed up, though I think that the censorship problem goes beyond just one political group trying to block things that they do not agree with.

        I agree that some things should be banned, blocked, deleted, but many are going about this the wrong way I think; and that is my problem.

        In reference to things have been good, but that article shows that this may be changing since silently changed their rules without telling anyone and then banned some blogs without warning over rules that did not previously exist; them caving to the pressure and handling things quietly and retroactively and without warning or chance to correct the problem or at least just deleting the offending content is cause for concern about the future in my opinion.

        They could quietly change more rules and become even more vague and could delete more blogs and ban more people entirely, including non-offending content on those blogs, my blog got taken down once in the past by them accidentally but they fixed it fortunately when I reported it but things seem to be changing now so who knows what might happen next.

        One of my dream posts may trigger an instant deletion / ban, you never know, fortunately we can make backups after every post if we want and hope that it can be imported to a future service if anything like that happens one day.

        Good luck,
        -John Jr


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