John “TotalBiscuit” Bain has passed away after long battle with cancer

I’m a bit lazy recently with the posts, but I think it’s worth posting this as gaming industry and gaming community has lost a great man. John Bain, also known as “TotalBiscuit” online and among gamers has passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer.

John Bain (TotalBiscuit)

I’m not going to pretend I was his biggest fan, especially after his rather crazy outbursts about politics from not that long ago, but if you’re a normal person, it’s something you forgive, we all have some nonsense we agree with that others disagree, but I have to give him mad respect for his rigorous standards when it comes to game quality and integrity. He’s also the one who started the movement to rate games on basic quality metrics like framerate lock, FOV (field of view) locks or lack of controls, limited resolutions and other technicalities that make game experience a chore instead of enjoyment and which are often not met by game developers. He was really vocal about this stuff and I respect that a lot since all this stuff drives me crazy on regular basis in games.

I kinda loved watching his reviews where he ranted about all the wrongs and goods about specific games and he was the only other reviewer next to AngryJoe that I always took very seriously when it came to games. We kinda had the same quality metrics so if he said the game is done well, I could be assured I’ll have a great experience. Last biggest such game was Killing Floor 2 when it just launched into Early Access on Steam. He played it as the first reviewer in the world and his commentary gave me an insight if it’s worth getting or not. I was already a fan of Killing Floor 1 at that time, but I needed a confirmation from him whether I should jump into KF2’s Early Access or wait for final release. And the game was amazing experience from day 1 of public release, just as his experience was during the demo with KF2’s developers. I guess I’ll kinda remember him every time I’ll play Killing Floor 2 again now.

TotalBiscuit, may your final resting place render at 8K, at unrestricted framerate and with FOV as wide as you desire it. You were a fighter to the very last day, like a proper gamer who never gives up. I’m gonna miss his silly Britishness a bit. Rest in peace man.

3 thoughts on “John “TotalBiscuit” Bain has passed away after long battle with cancer

      1. It’s worse that social justice warriors are now throwing shade at John because they were too cowardly to say to his face what they thought of him when he was alive. His wife and son do not deserve to have hate like this thrown at them.


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