1.FM, fix your dumb password policy

Check this idiocy!


The password must be fewer than 10 characters. Who the fuck enforces the max length of passwords? And more importantly, why?

Upper password length limit shouldn’t ever exist or if it does, it should be something like max 64 characters which is so high not even most paranoid people would complain about.

To make matters worse, their Twitter account doesn’t exist anymore and they don’t have any other contact. At all. Yay. So, here is their page of “fame”. Years ago I’ve complained about local ISP and Adobe webpages, now it’s this one doing the same nonsense in 2018 when I thought we’ve gone past this point already…


1 thought on “1.FM, fix your dumb password policy

  1. I’ve already encountered this testicular PW policy – it is a sign of an outdated (sub-2005) login engine – and most of those login engines can’t even enforce proper network hygiene (such as keeping configs and their backups OUT OF SITE ROOT! I wouldn’t even sign up for a site with such password policy!!

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