Come on HP, fix your stupid Support pages

I’m a long time HP user. Had HP printers and currently have 3 laptops from them. Have always been downloading drivers from this page:

Until recently when it got all fucked up and stopped listing ANY downloads. You can select OS type and version all day long and all it will serve you back is We were unable to retrieve the list of drivers for your product.  Please select the desired operating system and select “Update” to try again. Yeah, well, I’ve done that countless times and you still don’t list me shit.

This shit worked just fine in January and February of 2018. But since March 2018, this system returns no drivers, no updates nothing for anything I try. I’ve also tried on my smartphone that uses entirely different ISP, entirely different DNS, entirely different everything. Same result. Same across all browsers from Opera to Edge.

Asked HP support on Twitter (I really don’t have the nerves to contact usual tech support for reasons you’ll soon read) to look into it and they wanted my entire list of my personal info for something they need to look into on their own fucking side. You don’t need my home address and phone number, just click the fucking link to your very own service and fix your shit you dumb idiots. Jesus. How fucking hard can it be?

I really hate calling people names because of system failures or glitches, but this bureaucratic bullshit really pisses me off. I’d have to go through 20 pages of e-mails for something they can inspect on their own in freaking 5 minutes and report it to their internal operators responsible for this service. I don’t need this corporate sleaziness of being all slimy around customers, just fix the service someone reports it’s broken.

10 thoughts on “Come on HP, fix your stupid Support pages

  1. Been experiencing the same thing. Windows 10 update borked the touch pad on my HP Laptop and as you described, no way in hell can I get my hands on the current driver to attempt a reinstall.


  2. I also experienced it, except it didn’t find drivers for my printer. And since I am stupidly stubborn, after a lot of attempts to find drivers, it managed to work. Though I am pretty sure it had more to do with me trying for like a minute or two… I think it was about a minute and then about half a minute for animations to catch up… that blue box that should get smaller once it finds drivers, kept getting smaller and bigger, apparently it keeps count of clicks. Since I was bored and clicking like a madman. Dunno for your laptop, but my printer is old and it felt like server simply did not index drivers for older hardware for quick access, server likely needed more time to come back to webserver with results and that is why it can’t find drivers…. but then again, I have no idea how things work in backend. And Linux driver pops up instantly.


  3. It gets even more fun when you are trying to find a driver for an older Laptop by them, and they have the “generation version” so you can’t just get any driver you find, it is instead lost in a disorganized mess and disinformation. I can’t believe Dell’s support site is actually more useful.


  4. I succeeded on my PC at the office and I didn’t succeed at home until I “allowed all this page” in NoScript (even for the hidden “bootstrap.cdn” site.

    I started from “”, then searched my product id and the drivers were there.

    But you are right, sometimes it doesn’t work. You have to try enabling items in NoScript.


  5. .. and disable ad blocker. And if it doesn’t work, then reset selections of “operating system” and “version” to “Select operating system” and “Select version” and then setting them again with the correct values.

    Sometimes it works immediately, sometimes it takes some tries. Yes, it is a REAL MESS !


  6. Just one more try: Using (note the /it-it/ instead of /en-us/) it opens the list of drivers as soon as I enable in NoScript and nothing else !!!

    Of course, I restart the browser (I use both Firefox & Waterfox) whenever I try a new combination.

    I’m more and more baffled and confused …


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