Slim down your Windows with Auslogics Windows Slimmer


If you’re tired of constantly running out of disk space, especially on smaller SSD’s, and Windows Disk Cleanup doesn’t do much and you don’t want to use magic all in one optimizers that usually just break everything, maybe it’s time for you to check out Auslogics Windows Slimmer. It’s a very focused tool that doesn’t do anything magical, but it does focus on Windows stuff that gets accumulated the most. WinSxS libraries, Old Windows versions which always remain after larger Windows updates, Windows Update remnants and System Restore points. Under Regular Maintenance you’ll find few more usual entries like Memory Dumps, Recycle Bin, Temporary Files and old Windows Logs. Over time, all this can accumulate quite a lot of stuff and this is by far the easiest (and free!) tool to remove all that clutter. CCleaner generally does similar, but this one focuses on few more areas not covered by CCleaner.

Just a word of caution, installer of Auslogics Windows Slimmer offers bunch of their other apps which you have to manually decline during installation, so watch out what you click during installation.


3 thoughts on “Slim down your Windows with Auslogics Windows Slimmer

  1. have you tested it to be sure of the quality of this program or is it only a sponsored post?


    1. I can only wish to have sponsored posts lol. No, I’ve tried it and it’s pretty nice tool. Auslogics have few good tools that I’ve used before (Duplicate File Finder and Registry Cleaner). Like I’ve said, it does similar job as CCleaner, but offers two more features, cleaning up of old Windows versions (Windows.old) and WinSxS cleaning. It also has none of the “privacy” nonsense which often just ends up deleting all your cookies and you have to login to all the frigging webpages manually again.


  2. Another utility that is extremely useful for reducing Windows size is Driver Store Explorer:
    It is utility which allows you to clean out old drivers. Especially if you are gamer like me and keep your drivers up to date, old drivers can pile up in Windows folder adding massive chunk to it. And display drivers are easily 500MB+ in size. They also will remain if you uninstall the driver. Like I went from AMD card to nVidia card and despite uninstalling AMD drivers, there was easily 6GB worth of just AMD driver backups there. Add another 7GB of nVidia drivers on top and it can easily double Windows folder size.

    However, be aware that this is not fool proof utility, while it does have one click button to select all older drivers, leaving just the newest versions. You could still remove something you potentially need. Since those backups are there to allow software to use older version, if it prefers to. As always, be careful about what you remove. It should be fine for most people, but just in case. I mean even if you remove latest driver, you could just reinstall it.


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