Guns are not the problem, media glamorizing mass murderers is

I’m quite certain you’ve heard already about the new mass school shooting in USA, more specifically in Florida, it’s hard not to, since it’s being pushed on every possible news network all over the world with 24/7 coverage that will last for days if not weeks…

Every single time…

And as usual, there is a whole shitshow of morons flinging shit and political labels at each other over it. It’s inevitable and it happens every single time. You get the typical racists who first brush against the skin color of the shooter, then you have the political crazies who need to quickly define who the shooter supported politically and then the usual load of morons who start screeching about “MOAR GUN CONTROL!” and “I BET THE VIOLENT GAMES ARE CAUSING MASS SHOOTINGS!”

Well, the usual games blaming hasn’t begun yet, but I’m sure they’ll get there. It always does. The gun control idiots are in it from the start though…

Gun control dilemma…

I’m just wondering, they’ve been whining about gun control for years, they even had their buddy Obama in it for 2 terms (8 years) and they’ve done fucking nothing about it. And it’s not even because the gun lobby is so strong or because no one really wants to improve anything, as it turns out, just banning guns isn’t all that simple and law abiding citizens who are also gun owners are not liking the idea. Everyone keeps saying uh oh, 2nd Amendment is silly, do you really think USA would turn on its own people? Yeah, well, every country was probably thinking the same before their very own government disarmed them and went tyrannical on them… No one knows what future holds for us and that includes our otherwise allegedly civilized western governments.

America learned nothing from Europe…

America could also learn something from the shitshow across the pond, here in Europe. Europe generally has far stricter gun laws than USA. And when we got bunch of terrorists who were unable to obtain explosives or ranged weapons like guns, they resorted to what? Vans and trucks. So, are we just gonna ban all the vans and trucks? That’s how effective the ban of guns could be. Then these deranged mentally ill “youngsters” would just resort to something else. What problem is it to steal a family car and ram it in a group of people in a school yard at very high speed? Or even go further and create an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) or go to illegal gun dealers who would certainly start flourishing. Black markets always do when bans are imposed. It hapepned during prohibition era, it happened with drugs and so has with guns in countries where they are otherwise heavily controlled. Guns, even legally obtained are just convenient at the moment, so they use them. Banning them nation wide and they’ll resort to something else. And I’ll tell you why that would most likely happen…

Rising to fame, the ultimate America’s obsession

America is obsessed with fame. If you’re not somehow famous in America, you’re a nobody, a loser. You need to be famous, either with singing career, as actor, as entrepreneur, as inventor, Youtube star or a photo model on Instagram, something just so your name is known to larger masses of people. This thing is ingrained in America’s mentality so hard there is no way rooting it out. And while some from the group mentioned above get to the fame with hard work, others get there with pure luck. And there is this third group of losers who use school shootings to reach that “fame” status…

The core of the problem is mainstream media

And here is the core of my rant. The problem is not racial, political or gun related. To some extent, sure because it’s always easy and convenient to blame someone on these things, but mainly it’s the above mentioned fame. And this fame is being delivered to entire world by mainstream media, all the news stations doing extensive coverages mentioning the name of the gunman repeatedly, showing his photo, constantly mentioning the “kill count” like it’s some sort of achievement, constantly talking about his past and what a “good boy” he was and blablablabla. This is the fucking problem. The media glamorizing these mass murderers, telling whole world that if you kill bunch of innocent kids in school, you’ll get immortalized by non stop coverage on television and clickbait media on internet following the TV news. Every publicity is a publicity. Even a bad one. Isn’t this what everyone keeps saying to all of us, especially America?

And media is doing it passionately because drama and horror brings the awesome clicks and those sweet view ratios. And all this brings money and fame. See, not even fucking news stations can get out of this “everyone needs to be rich and famous” shit.

Possible solution?

Several years ago I’ve come across a video of some forensic psychiatrist Dr. Park Dietz who was talking about this exact issue. Media needs to stop talking about these mass murderers and stop doing these weeks long coverages glamorizing them with their names, photos and kill counts. And this doesn’t mean we have to desensitize ourselves from these atrocities, it just means the media should just tell there was this shooting in this and this institution and location, there were several victims and focus it to the affected communities and ONLY talk about good innocent people who lost their lives and what heroic things they might have done during these difficult times.

You can watch the video of this doctor talking about the issue media is propagating…

Media not doing these extensive coverages anymore would openly tell these mass murderer “fame chasers” that doing a mass shooting in a school won’t make them famous and it won’t bring them the attention they crave for. They’ll just end up being these unnamed losers who shot some innocent kids and who will most likely be found out in prison, got brutally raped and stabbed to death, because I honestly believe inmates still don’t like two kinds of people, pedophiles and child murderers. And if they won’t get a guaranteed fame through media, chances are, over some time, these mass killings will simply stop or at least, at worst, only decline heavily. Not right away, because unfortunately more of them will need to happen, but without these end to end extensive media coverages, this attention whoring would decrease for sure. I’m also certain they’d look for other means to get this fame status, most likely using social media themselves, but I think social media, if following guidelines by Dr. Park Deitz could much faster and better censor and manage such “publication”, avoiding this unwanted glamorizing of these mass murderers. I could be wrong, but I think it would work as it’s more manageable than news stations whoring for views and no one there to really manage and tell them to hold their horses already.

Do you still think stricter gun control or banning of guns would really solve the problem with these mass murders in America or is the actual problem in this obsession of chasing the fame and using media to get there? I think it’s really the problem in later and not so much in guns…

Also, notice how I didn’t mention any details about the shooting incident? No names, no photos, no “kill counts”. Because I think this doctor was onto something and I think following his guidelines could be effective means of combating this issue America is and has been facing for decades. Maybe YOU should follow it as well. Do you hear me mainstream media and all the clickbaiters online?

2 thoughts on “Guns are not the problem, media glamorizing mass murderers is

  1. I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness. This is the first thing I thought of after reading. Living here in the USA and watching the talking heads churning out their usual drivel, not one of them made as much sense as you did in one blog post. It is good to know that there folks out there that still speak with the voice of reason.


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