For fucks sake NVIDIA, fix your Fast V-Sync shit with Opera/Chrome browser videos

I haven’t ranted for a while and this seems like a perfect opportunity to do so. This time it’s for “always absolutely perfect” NVIDIA’s ForceWare drivers that everyone praises so much…

Quite some time ago, I’ve switched to Opera browser because everything else is quite frankly shit because of various things, but especially because of dumb ass GPU blacklisting which makes my AMD E-450 APU useless. But Opera allows disabling of this GPU blacklist and I get my HW acceleration back on that old but still perfectly capable APU. So I use Opera on all my systems now. And I’ve noticed that if you have Fast V-Sync or Adaptive V-Sync enabled globally, ALL videos in Opera browser will be all fucked up, stuttering, video shifting inside itself, flickering, annoying as fuck. I didn’t notice this before, because I was using Firefox where even with Fast V-Sync enabled, videos play fine. Just not on anything Chrome based, be it actual Chrome or Opera (and even Vivaldi). So, I’ve filled a bug report to NVIDIA. That was months ago and they still haven’t fixed their shit. I’ve tried as far back as drivers from January 2017 and they all have this fucking bug that for some reason no one else seems to have spotted. Apparently 90% of people don’t have a clue how cool Fast V-Sync is otherwise so they don’t even experience this shit. I use Fast V-Sync for all games because it removes tearing and has no input lag unlike normal V-Sync.

Here’s a kicker though. Windows 10, even though I’ve installed ancient drivers to try and solve an issue, it auto installed newer drivers on its own (Microsoft, stop fucking up with drivers without my fucking permission you utter twats). However, while I’m pissed at Microsoft for doing that, the drivers from May 1st 2017 version 382.05 that get auto installed by Win10 DON’T have this bug for some fucked up reason. It’s especially more fucked up because all the drivers after it from NVIDIA again have this retarded bug. So, why do ALL the drivers before and after ForceWare 382.05 have this stupid bug, but this one doesn’t? And more importantly, why the fuck NVIDIA hasn’t fixed it yet for months?

This shit is pissing me off so much I’m seriously considering just going to AMD with the RX Vega because NVIDIA apparently just doesn’t give a fuck if this crap can’t get fixed for months. Especially now that AMD has Enhanced Sync which is the same as Fast V-Sync. And hopefully with no such retarded issue… What good is all this awesome framerate and shit from NVIDIA if they fuck up basic shit like video playback in most widely used browser engine (Chrome) in connection with one of their most useful features for games? Aaargh

4 thoughts on “For fucks sake NVIDIA, fix your Fast V-Sync shit with Opera/Chrome browser videos

  1. I told a friend of mine to try out Opera. He installed it one day and told me about how he could not use it because his screen was all fucked up. I told him about vsync and the issues it causes and his problem went away…until he installed another weekly Nvidia graphics driver update.

    It’s not about backwards compatibility or reliability or even choice anymore. These companies are trying to do their own thing and do it wrong for everyone.


  2. I couldn’t understand why suddenly videos on youtube for instance would start flickering all of a sudden – Then I noticed tears as well and went straight into nvidias god awful control panel, then I had to add chrome and specifically tell it to use vsync. That fixed it, however if I have chrome opened up in the background while gaming, vsync is forced in all games as well instead of adaptive.

    Nvidia drivers are a total mess and I can’t wait to get back to AMD. I just hope there are Radeons in stock when it’s time to upgrade because I sure couldn’t find any last time – So that sort of forced me to go with nvidia as I needed a new gpu. I was hoping to pick up a 480 but instead had to opt in for a 1060, which I still regret.


  3. I think Nvidia drivers are not WHQL certified? Or if they are, shame on $hiterosoft.
    The ones from Windows Update, are likely certified. That is the first port of call for why there’s a distinction between these two sources.
    Nvidia don’t care about video tearing as much as game performance, is the likely rationale, too. So if it’s one or the other due to budget restrictions (Nvidia DO have the money to do better, though IMHO or how the hell not?) then they’ll go for peformance. It shouldn’t be one or the other though, but lazy, penny-pinching kuntage abounds.


  4. i am not going to swear to hell and back on this but im using a gtx 1060ti and on opera gx browser i get screen tearing in the middle of videos. i havent noticed it on anything else other than youtube videos. it noticably tears alot in the middle and top left. it doesnt happen with google or any other browser. it’s supposed to be a gaming browser, so get your shit straight opera.


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