Close browser on last browser tab closed idiocy

I wonder what idiot thought this was a cool feature and actually implemented it in Chrome, Firefox and even in Microsoft Edge (though I don’t use it and never will, but it behaves the same). And I freaking bet you they added this feature to an UX telemetry and they count the clicks on the last tab close button thinking “Yes, people are using this, it’s wonderful feature”, where in reality, everyone is bloody furious when entire browser keeps on closing down because you just wanted to close all the tabs. That’s why we have a god damn CLOSE/EXIT button in the top right corner you blundering idiots. It’s for that fucking job, not the one on the last tab! Organizations like Mozilla and behemoths like Google probably spend hundreds of thousands of $ on GUI and UX designs and this shit is what they came up with? Really? It’s pissing me off beyond belief. In both, Firefox and Chrome, I have to use extra extension just to turn this shit off and in case of Chrome, it’s even more infuriating because the garbage extensions system doesn’t allow simple removal of the close button, devs need to use various ugly looking tricks to prevent browser from closing down. Like double tabs which just looks idiotic and clumsy. Opera on the other hand is for some bizarre reason the only browser which does this right, but has it’s share of other idiocies that make it less desirable to use.

Are people really and actually loving this garbage feature? I just can’t understand it…


7 thoughts on “Close browser on last browser tab closed idiocy

  1. Hhhhhhhhhh I like how you express your irritation about something,
    So I am I the first thing I do when tweak the browser is this:


  2. Sometimes I would like a clean browser, I guess these idiots assume that you will always have one tab open to your “quick-dial” page. Maybe I prefer to have low resources instead of one tab always fucking open. Maybe I would like to come back to something while I am doing my research and not have to reopen the browser?

    It literally becomes a second job keeping up with extensions on browsers. Everything is fine for a few months till there is another big update, a developer no longer wants to maintain a good extension, or a change occurs that destroys a good feature, and then you are back to reconfiguring your browser with yet another workaround to have it function how you see fit.

    We have fucking idiots that don’t understand humans need a choice of how they want their browser to function when installing it for the first time,. Chrome…why the fuck can’t I choose to have my tabs below the url bar? Why can’t I figure out what each tab is when resizing the window? Why should I have to have it start fresh with no tabs each time by default on a new install?

    A fun example of one of my most profound annoyances is with Firefox on Ubuntu, notice it takes more than a single click to highlight the url bar, or your search bar when typing, and so you need to use CTRL+L to highlight everything first before typing. You need to create your own boolean string to fix this shit! WTF?


    1. So we suggest that they create a first time configuration wizard, that takes the user step by step in choosing how he/she wants her/his browser to behave. That time everybody would be happy.


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