Translate text from images using Yandex OCR Translator

I was in a need to translate large amount of text from the image and typing it by hand into Google Translate proved very inefficient and clumsy. Luckily, I’ve stumbled across Russian Yandex 🙂 They seem to offer wider range of translation tools than Google. One of them is translation of text from images using OCR.

Yandex OCR Image Translator

Just drag in an image with text that you want to translate, select languages for the translation, highlight the text you want to translate (you can select large amount of text like you select many files in Windows using dragging selection) and voila!

Example that I needed. Translation from German to English, because my German is a bit rusty and I’m in a need for some new tires for my car 🙂


It’s super easy and fast, I got the translation in seconds where I’d need several minutes to re-type all of it by hand. Especially from German which has notoriously long and complex words… Bookmarked this thing because I can just feel it, I’ll need this quite often in the future. And of course posted it here for you guys 🙂


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