Samsung Magician 5.0 SSD software released!

I don’t know, either Samsung actually listened to my complaint on 19th November or it’s all just a pure coincidence 🙂 Because here it is, a major overhaul of the Samsung Magician software. This time in version 5.0 which comes with fixed SATA and AHCI detection as well as entirely new interface (which looks absolutely amazing I have to add) and new tray icon.

New Samsung Magician 5.0 interface

This has to be by far the best interface design I’ve seen in years. It’s super minimalistic, looks really nice and is very responsive. And as you can see, very informative as well. But not too cluttered. Asian companies used to be famous for their botched interface designs, but this thing, this defies old stereotypes and puts many western designs to shame. Really nice job Samsung!


Download latest Samsung Magician

Download Samsung Magician 5.0 (Mirror)

Download Samsung Magician 5.1 (Mirror)

7 thoughts on “Samsung Magician 5.0 SSD software released!

  1. Thank you for notifying us! Our PR team notified us of your post, and we ordered our software technicians to fix the broken software. Please notify us of any other problems you might have with our software. Samsung, “Inspire the World, Create the Future.”


  2. If only I could download it… Every day I try I get this:
    “We apologize for your inconvenience Please try again within 24 hours
    From Nov. 28 -Dec. 2 2016 there is a daily limit on the number of the Samsung New Magician. Unfortunately, the download limit for the day has been reached, please try again within 24 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you. Thank you.”


  3. Got to say I like the old version better. I don’t care for “minimalistic” usually, means there are fewer features. For example, maybe I am blind but the section OS Optimization is missing, I found that handy. I think I will revert back to 4.x as with everything nowadays either there are too many features (NZXT Cam I’m looking at you) or with this not enough.


    1. OS Optimizations are rather pointless imo. Windows 8.x was already fully designed for SSD drives. There is nothing to “optimize” there. Same with Windows 10. Windows 7 was a bit funky with SSD’s, but would you be using a 10 years old OS on a super new, fast and expensive SSD?


    2. Not necessarily. Some features can simply be moved to background, because any user input for them is pointless. Or they become obsolete, because Windows already got it on level where you don’t need to do everything manually. Not everything removed is because developers are lazy. Optimizations pretty much became baseline for either driver, firmware or Windows, or unnecessary. But I can understand that sometimes people just have hard time of letting things go and moving on, because we do tend to like “control”. Even if it is on minimal level.

      It is like if you were using Start menu programs on Windows 10, which actually comes with said start menu. Or external application for multiple desktops, when you have already built in feature for that in Windows 10. And so on. On could also argue necessity of third party anti-virus or firewall, I am using Windows ones for a year, and Malwarebytes or any other online scanner did not detect any increased number of infections. Or defragmenting hard drive, which is lot less necessary now than back in XP and older era. But that does not mean those will die out, it is just something to actually think about, if you need to get third party software for, or will default do just fine.

      Personally I got that kind of wake up call with WoW add-ons. I had huge DPS dip thanks to add-ons I did not even need anymore, because default interface has advanced to the level where they simply were not necessary. And in the end, it was just hogging my resources down. Maybe not completely on topic, but just a thought.


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