Equalizer settings for rich sound

In the past I’ve made a special equalizer preset for super deep bass and people seem to like it quite a lot.

And here is a new preset I’ve been perfecting and testing for almost a year now and I think it’s ready for the public. I call it “Delta” preset because of the very peculiar symmetrical shape. And it comes in two flavors, Normal and Lite. See the dB (Decibel) values on the equalizer images so you can adjust it the same. The examples are for 10 step equalizers, you’ll have to condense it down on your own for 8 or less step equalizers.

Preset designed and tested on Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z with Altec Lansing MX5021 2.1 speakers. The EQ preset can be combined with other features like Crystalizer (found on Sound Blaster Z), but was in general designed to replace that on its own, making it more universal across devices that don’t have features like Crystalizer.

Delta Normal


Normal preset enriches the sound quite significantly and you’ll hear sounds you didn’t even think are there. It really brings details to life. Due to quite high mid range segment, it may create slight artifacts on some configurations of soundcards and speakers. You can recognize it as noise similar to “wah” effect being applied to vocals and sounds. If it’s bothering you too much, decrease the 500Hz and 1K Hz sliders a bit, preferably with same level.

Delta Lite


As the name suggests, this is the same design as Normal preset, just with significantly lower boost values. It’s a more subtle effect that still slightly enriches the sound, but doesn’t go all out crazy. Shouldn’t create any audio artifacts.

Beyond Delta?

Now that you know the recipe, you can adjust the intensity of the effect on your own. In general both lower and upper frequency extremes should align with the mid range (in the middle). Then you adjust the curve between all three points. You can of course do it at different angles depending on your taste.

Enjoy 🙂


12 thoughts on “Equalizer settings for rich sound

  1. Tweaked the settings a bit and found this to bring out the bass a bit better on my stereo while maintaining clarity. Really brings out the bass in deep voices. I currently have an LG RMS 230W stereo.

    Titled it “Delta Heavy”:


  2. I need help getting a preset for movies. I used to have XPS laptop 15in
    it came with maxx wave and it used to have movie preset in the equalizer.. it was awesome for me in everything.
    i sold it and bought an aleinware. it came with soundblaster recon 3di

    it does not have that movie preset in the equalizer.. can you guys help me get it?


  3. Rejzor please could you provide that config in numbers, like ur older post, it helps us a lot, because adjusting sliders with help of pictures it very difficult. Please provide me as a numerical value.


  4. try with Delta Normal & Delta Lite, not satisfy enough.
    try with your previous Medium Bass & Deep Basss. the result is very fantastic, prefer with Deep Bass.
    so i prefer to stick with Deep Bass.

    thank you, you are genius!


  5. Hello there, thank you for the settings I have the same sound card ordered for a killer price so I went on and did a little bit of research. From what I have read so far it seems like the distortion you are experiencing is because of non-native boost on some frequencies. Basically, everything in +dB boost is unnaturally boosted from data the sound card doesn’t have so I propose to just change the curve so the biggest +dB boost value equals 0 and all other values are in – rather than +. For example in your first preset you have {8;6;4;0;8;8;0;4;6;8} and I propose to change it to {0;-2;-4;-8;0;0;-8;-4;-2;0} which is practically -8dB on all frequencies compared to your original setting. It will, of course, decrease volume for those 8dB but the sound card seems capable enough to handle that and from what I have read so far I doubt that somebody can use it with normal sensitivity headphones on more than 70% volume.
    As I said before I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but from what I have read on multiple forums it’s a bad idea to go high into +dB values because it distorts the sound.


  6. Thanks man for the equaliser setting, used it to finetune the “crappy” laptopspeakers on my Asus Rog. Delta lite makes the acid-tekno music sound so much deeper.


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