Wolfenstein: The Old Blood short review


  • same engaging gameplay with stealth and mad Rambo “modes” as in The New Order
  • skills force you to utilize more arsenal depending on what skills you want
  • no more weapons being taken away on every mission or incident
  • can carry heavy machine gun with you if you attain the skill
  • occasional funny stuff by the Nazi if you listen to their conversations
  • nostalgic original Wolfenstein 3D levels via Nightmare levels
  • no more technical issues like getting stuck in vents
  • generally good graphics and audio
  • now has Anti-Aliasing modes
  • has FOV controls


  • story and gameplay not as engaging and interesting as in The New Order
  • a bit disappointing last boss fight despite playing it on hardest difficulty
  • texture pop-in effect is still infuriating
  • half an hour of stupid unskippable intro videos


Even though developers fixed a huge share of negatives from The New Order, especially technical issues, this game wasn’t as engaging and interesting as the old one (this is a prequel to The New Order). Could be that I simply adored the alternate reality World War 2 so much with all the alien tech Nazi’s had and the way how they were winning instead of losing. It was scary and freakish and I loved that. This one was more of a contribution to the Return to Castle Wolfenstein to be honest, a lot more tame on the occult hellish Nazi technology. Still a good shooter though. Would still recommend it. Shooting Nazi’s just never gets old 🙂

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