Modern feminism makes no sense at all


This little gem here are feminists protesting the ban of “burkini” crap, I assume in Europe since I know France has already passed a law that bans it. You know, that oppressive piece of garment enforced by islamists as “choice” for muslim women? Yeah, that one…

Love the hypocrisy of galactic proportions and lack of any kind of logic by feminists here. For two reasons…

1. Try being dressed (or shall I say undressed) like this, protesting anything in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria or Saudi Arabia. I can only say: “Good luck with that.” But muh oppressive patriarchy in the west…

2. Love that “Fuck patriarchy!” sign. What’s most ironic about it is, they are saying that, while in the same fucking moment DEFENDING patriarchy by demanding burkin to be unbanned. Islam is a definition of patriarchy and these retards are defending it while holding a “Fuck patriarchy!” sign. How fucking monumentally dumb you have to be to do such a thing? Then again, we are talking about feminists, so literally anything is possible.

4 thoughts on “Modern feminism makes no sense at all

  1. Most feminists will never talk about women’s rights in the Middle East or third-world countries, because it isn’t something they can blame on straight white men. Here’s a question for feminists: if there is a patriarchy, then why are feminists allowed to claim that there is a patriarchy?

    It seems like there’s been a kind of split in feminism in the 21st century. On one side, you’ve got people like Christina Hoff Sommers who are actually interested in free speech and open debate, and then you’ve got people like Anita Sarkeesian who don’t give a fuck about addressing their criticism. Until feminism pulls its head out of its ass and starts presenting a consistent viewpoint, I can’t say I support it.


  2. Dude it not like they support Burkini or anything, its symbolic like government cannot tell what to wear and what not to wear unless it is obscene and affects morality of people involved.


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