Islam and the downfall of European culture

I’ve seen the future today. In fact I’ve been seeing it for a while now, this today just undeniably confirmed it. Our own moral, cultural, tolerant and inclusive superiority is what will be our own downfall.

It was a heated discussion around this…


This is French police enforcing the “no burka/niqab/burkini” law on a beach near Nice, France. And the people on Twitter were all disgusted by the god awful behavior of the French law enforcement. Even women which baffles me even more, defending this as “women should have choice what they wear!”. Sure, that’s what European women actually have. A choice to wear bikini, single part swimsuits, be topless for the most part even on non-nudist beaches or they can decide to wear a fucking black pajama made of 100% acrylic material. I bet that’s super comfortable to wear on the beach at fucking 40°C. But you can’t possibly believe muslim women actually have that choice. If you do, you’re unbelievably naive and ignorant. Because sorry to burst your bubble, they just don’t. This woman would prefer to wear anything but this burkini garbage. How about a floating white cotton dress that might show some knees and neck, oh my god, with a thin veil to cover the head if the sun is an issue? I bet European men would rape her right there because of it, just like we do our own women. Oh wait… If I as a man wouldn’t ever wear this black synthetic crap on the sun, no woman deserves it either. Burkini is NOT a choice, it’s an oppressive clothing enforced by the islamic “culture” if we can even call it a culture of any kind. This woman doesn’t actually have a choice not to wear it, she “decides” to wear it so her man doesn’t beat her like an animal because she dared to show 1cm of ankle more than it’s allowed by islam. Would you call that a “choice”? Be fucking real.

What’s also funny is everyone is disgusted how French law dares to be so oppressive and dictate what can be worn on the beach, but the same people conveniently forget all muslim countries do the exact same fucking thing to Westerners and no one gives a fuck because it’s their “culture” and we have to respect it. Sure, but why they don’t respect OUR culture when they come over here? This level of retarded double think is what will be the downfall of Europe. Of the western culture.

Europe is so god damn fucking polite it bends over to every fucking outsider who starts screaming “bigotry” and “muh culture”. This is why islam is spreading like wildfire, because they don’t fucking bend over to ANYONE, they just demand it their way and because everyone is such a fucking pussy they always achieve what they demand. European culture is disappearing because of this and is slowly being replaced by islam. Muslims don’t even have to invade Europe with armies, they just have to exploit Europe’s guilt for all the worlds problems. And this is exactly what they are doing. Accept islam or we’ll call you intolerant bigot. And everyone bends over and points their anus upwards…

People said: “But allow the burkini, it’s not affecting me!” Yeah, it’s not affecting you today. And it won’t be affecting you tomorrow. But what will happen over 50 years? I know what will happen. Today you give them mosques, tomorrow you give them burkinis, next week they’ll demand niqabs, next month it’ll be sharia law in this town and next year your daughters will have to wear this shit because you spineless fucks keep on bending over to every fucking demand they make. Give them a thumb and they’ll want an arm. Just fucking NO. You have to slam on the table at one point and this is where Europe should start. This isn’t oppression you moppets, this is defense of the freedom you ALREADY have in Europe. Bringing more of this shit here is what will slowly take away your freedom. I fully support French here and I hope whole Europe will follow. Pray to your Allah 12 hours a day all you want, no one gives a shit. But you won’t be converting free society into this oppressed shithole you have down in the Arab world. Just because they ejaculate oil from every orifice and build tallest skyscrapers with it, that doesn’t mean they are morally superior to us. Especially not for as long as they’ll treat women as fucking curtain hangers and hanging gays for just being what thy are. And then we are the intolerant. Fuck off.

People also attacked me for supporting this “oppressive” practice. Excuse me, a what? How will Europe be superior to those savages if we make it the same as their god damn countries? If you like it so much, go to Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, enjoy your stay there if it’s so god damn fucking wonderful with their beautiful culture. Not interested anymore all of a sudden? I wonder why (not really)…

You can call me intolerant bigot all you want, I’m immune to this shit now. What I know is that I do care about women’s rights, the future of our children and their actual freedom of choice and the future of our diverse European cultures. Bringing islam here will not help anyone and it will not improve life for anyone. Where will people from Middle East escape to if they’ll arrive to the same shithole as the place they escaped from? Do you see where I’m aiming? Defend European culture and don’t give it up for anything. If you want islam, practice its bigotry somewhere else. Islam has no place in Europe. I’m just one of rare few who are willing to speak up, the rest are just bunch of cowards who are afraid of being called “a bigot” for not wanting islam here. Stop being silent, speak up!

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