Respect the islamic culture. Or else…

Do you remember how everyone constantly reminds us we have to follow certain customs imposed in islamic countries, particularly regarding women and their clothing choices as well as behavior? I sure do, because I once had such belief that we have to respect their customs and traditions. But I was young and stupid back then. Now I’ve seen a bit more how things work and I’ve changed the way of thinking 180°. Mostly thanks to monumental hypocrisies done by muslims ranging from so called “moderates” up to extremists.

I don’t follow yellow journalism at all, but here and there, I catch things on Twitter. Recent news was about Gigi Gorgeous being detained in Dubai. I’ll not go into details, bottom line, Gigi is a transgender woman. And as we know, tolerant muslims as well as the most peaceful religion of islam wanted to invite her for a glass of whiskey. Or some other alcoholic drink, you know, out of respect and all that. So, they’ve detained her.

And here are the reactions from “moderate” respectful and absolutely tolerant muslims on Twitter…


“You can’t just barge in an islamic country not giving 2 shits. Respect the culture.”


“in our religion, this is forbidden so be respectful and don’t call it “disgusting” respect our laws like how we respect yours”

So, when we arrive to islamic countries, we have to respect your customs, traditions, culture and religion, but when you camel fucking shits come to Europe, America or any other place other than your fucking desert shithole, EVERYONE else has to respect YOUR fucking religion and culture AGAIN? Sorry bitch, that’s not how shit works.

Europe and America along with many other civilized Eastern countries have this culture where women are treated equally as men. We don’t hide them in fucking curtains and leave them in front of shops like fucking dogs just because they don’t have male guardian with them. We give them freedom to own a car and drive it. But they also can decide not to and go on public transport all by themselves. We don’t own women, we don’t rape women and then stone them to death for “adultery” afterwards. We don’t throw gays and transgender people off roofs. We don’t cut female genitals to deny them having pleasure during sex as well as not cutting penises because fucking soap has already been invented ages ago. We don’t hang people for being atheists and we eat pork because we’ve mastered animal farming and fucking fridges have been invented back in god damn 1834 already. Oh and we drink alcohol because why the fuck not. I could go on for hours with these things…

The point here being is that muslims demand all their things to be respected when we come to their countries, but when they come to our countries, they give exactly zero fucks about our customs, traditions, our culture and our way of life. Just look at what a shithole Europe has become in just 1 year of uncontrolled immigration of muslims. Where is that fucking respect of our culture, religions (or their lack off) or our traditions? You fucks don’t respect shit. And West is dumb enough to tolerate islamic bullshit and accept it because of some [insert random reason] guilt shit. Send them back where they came from, ungrateful assholes. No one asked them to come here, suck our welfare system dry and commit silent genocide on us. You fuckers will preach us how to be tolerant and respectful and yet you don’t respect fucking anyone or anything. And then they are all shocked and outraged when no one fucking likes muslims or their stupid religion. No shit Sherlock, self awareness level of a fucking retarded amoeba…

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