Ghostbusters, Kate McKinnon’s character is gay says Paul Feig…

Screenshot of The Independent article.

Another angry misogynist (and as you will see from the rant, also an apparent homophobe) here. The reason why I write this here is because ranting on Twitter with stupid 140 characters doesn’t give me the freedom to fully explain why I think the whole idea about Kate McKinnon’s character Jillian Holtzmann being gay is dumb and pointless. In fact this is my opinion about most “progressive” characters in all media, be it games, cartoons, movies or comics.

As you may already know, it’s [THE CURRENT YEAR] and as such everyone is obliged to stick gay, trans and of any skin color (for as long as it isn’t white) into entertainment mediums because that is the way to be progressive regressive now.

The main reason why I complain about this is the retarded, dumb and pointless usage of token personal traits in movies and games just to make them “progressive” and “inclusive”.

Can someone explain to me how the fact Jillian Holtzmann is gay is relevant to the story of Ghostbusters 2016 or how does it integrate this characteristic into the whole plot? It fucking doesn’t. This saying of “uh oh, this person is gay” and “uh oh that one is gay too” is fucking STUPID if there is no logical reason to define one as such. It has no relevance to the movie or the plot. Great, so she’s gay. Now what? Nothing. She’s just gay. Wow, that’s some deep character you’ve created there Paul Feig or whoever wrote characters for this movie.

Do you want to know where person being gay was (is) relevant? Try checking out the Philadelphia (1993) movie. I know it’s a lot more serious and “too old” for the today’s progressives, but Tom Hanks’s character (Andrew Beckett) was also gay. Yeah, that was back in 1993, we were already so progressive back then weren’t we? But they didn’t just throw in this “token” characteristic to be “progressive”. It was a core plot element. He was a gay lawyer who got fired from his law firm, because he was infected with HIV and whole movie revolves around that. It was character’s very personal trait and it was very important to the story because it connects with the whole stigma around gays, gay culture, HIV/AIDS, and how people wanted to distance themselves from all that.

See the difference? And this doesn’t even mean it has to be a “negative” trait. In case of Philadelphia, it was a more serious story, but there are countless other ways to integrate a character that is openly gay and still be at least a bit relevant to the story. If there is even a need for one. I mean for god sake, at least give the character some depth, don’t just make it a character where you can tick a checkbox in front of “Gay” and that’s that. It’s poor, it’s lazy and it’s lame. Stop doing that shit because it’s not helping movies/games/comics quality and it’s not helping gays either.


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