New big avast! v12.1 update released!

avast! has just released a big update. Maybe not big on the outside, but under the hood, it has undergone some big changes.

What’s new in version 12.1.2272:

  • Lower system impact – faster boot time, less space taken on disk
  • CyberCapture – better detection of unknown and unique files via our cloud technology
  • Regular monthly program updates – automatic and silent, configurable via Settings
  • Improved detection of router vulnerabilities
  • New Bank mode in SafeZone browser
  • Faster SecureLine connection
  • Antispam is now as opt-in component
  • Removed hardware virtualization (NG) – replaced with CyberCapture,that has much lower impact on system resources
  • Removed Remote assistance – not used enough and not a core functionality

Two biggest changes are monthly program updates and CyberCapture. Monthly updates mean more flexible updating, faster fixing of vulnerabilities and faster evolution of protection technologies with less bugs since they can focus on individual parts of the program instead of accumulating huge number of changes for big releases every few months.

CyberCapture, the second and probably one of largest things is replacing old Secure VM (NG Technology). Secure VM was a big virtualized behavior analysis system running on local system. Imagine creating a clone of your entire system and running it as a secure analysis system on top of your own system. Not only this was very demanding or system, it was also quite problematic and it rarely really worked well. CyberCapture is basically an inverted system of old Secure VM. Instead of running virtualized system on every user computer, suspicious files are now sent to avast! cloud where it essentially does even more advanced analysis on avast! servers. Freeing user computers of heavy load while allowing avast! analysts to have more control over file analysis, being able to update their detection systems more often and provide better protection. Analysis take a bit longer now, but are more rigorous and hopefully with even higher detection rate. We’ll see how that will prove itself in tests and real world scenarios.

More info and download links can be found here. If you’re already using avast!, just invoke Program Update and it’ll update to this version automatically.

More info on CyberCapturee feature.


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