Doom bugs and glitches

While the title looks scary, it really isn’t that bad. Considering the game is brand new and hasn’t received any updates, it’s very polished. All I’ve spotted so far are basically tiny glitches… PC version btw.

Bugged intro video

Yeah, the sound for intro video is bugged. Half way through the id logo animation, sound just disappears and intro video finishes up in silence. If you click with mouse or press keys, it sometimes stops even sooner. I don’t know if it’s only on my system or not, I’m using Windows 10 64bit and Sound Blaster Z with drivers from August 2015, the latest ones for Win10…

Weapon upgrade bots glitch

This one only happens with those weapon upgrades bots that run away as you approach them. There was one in one level, can’t remember the name of the map exactly, it was a bit before the Lazarus Elevator where you have to find a yellow key to activate the elevator, you approach through a corridor and there is the weapons upgrade bot hovering above some crates and then flies away to some platform above a pool of acid or something and a lowered bridge that divides both sides. One side has a hive that you have to take down and other side a door that goes out to a platform with some space ship in the middle. Anyway, if you run towards the bot and catch it up and activating it while it’s escaping, it’ll carry you with the bot up to the platform. It was so weird as it certainly looked like a glitch because screen menu was flashing and I could see level through it as I was flying across the level until the bot stopped and then it allowed me to view the upgrade menu. This was the first time I managed to catch the upgrade bot and glitch it out…

Summoner attack gets stuck in endless rapid speed firing mode

This one happened quite few times and I don’t think it’s intended. It often happens you run for cover behind a corner and Summoner starts firing its red projectile with super speed past the corner indefinitely. It’s not the red marker first and then actual fire with tiny pause in between, it’s just rapid fire fire fire fire one after another so it’s basically impossible to get past without getting fried. Could be because of Nightmare difficulty, but considering this never happens in normal combat situations when it has you in sight, I don’t think this is suppose to be happening. It just looks off.

Game closes without an error (UPDATE: 2016.05.17)

I don’t know what’s going on, but this was the second time game has done this. It just closes without errors or warnings, even Event Viewer has no entry for the incident. Almost as if the game closes per user command, that’s why there is no errors or logs. But I’m not doing it, I’m quite certain of that.

Other than this, I haven’t really spotted any other problems. Incredibly polished game considering how complex it really is with all the collectables, upgrades and settings. If Bethesda and id check out these bugs, it would become pretty much flawless.

Anyone else spotted any other glitches in single player?

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