Opera is becoming cool again with version 37

Granted, it is still far away from perfect, but if you are willing to make few compromises and do some of the things we already had before around corners, it’s shaping into a really fine browser…

Latest and greatest additions to Opera version 37 are 2 rather special features not found in any other browser by default.

Block Ads


Are you tired of fiddling with silly AdBlock addons and extensions and you just want something that works, even if it doesn’t work on every single webpage to every last ad? And the benefit of being integrated is that it sorts out the garbage while rendering the page, meaning it’s the most efficient ad blocker available. It’s a very lite version with minimal settings, but it just works and I love it. You can exclude individual pages, but not individual elements. It’s also not possible to block elements yourself. But I’m fine with that as it works so well out o the box.

Video Pop Out

This one is a very innovative feature not seen in any other browser. It’s something I’ve been doing for ages with Media Player Classic (MPC HC), fired up a movie, set it to be always on top and moved it into bottom right corner. So I could browse the net while watching some movie or TV series. But you couldn’t do the same with, for example Youtube. You could move it to new tab, detach it and move and resize it, but you couldn’t set it “On top”. Now you can!


When playing Youtube video, just click new arrow icon on the video and it’ll pop out of the webpage. Tab with the video needs to be open during playback, but doesn’t have to be in the front. If you look at the image above, I’m playing Youtube video in a “always on top” mode while doing something else in browser. It’s a tiny but really cool and useful feature. Pretty cool, right?

It is so cool that I’ve switched to Opera for a test trial. Been using opera when it was version 12.x but moved away after they wrecked it with Chrome core. But it looks like we’ve come to a point where it matured enough to be usable this moment and I can wait for few other things…

3 thoughts on “Opera is becoming cool again with version 37

  1. I am still daily with old Presto 12.18, and using 38 Developer for work. It is not as good as it was, but better that Chrome/Chromium for sure.


    1. Main problem with Opera 12 is they don’t update the engine anymore and a lot of webpages whine about support. For example DeviantArt is bitching about it even though Opera is still updating version 12 (security fixes).

      I have so many systems I can’t afford several browsers because of syncing. I need something that works across all systems. I’ve also repurposed RSS Feed reader via Blogtrottr so I’m now getting RSS feeds into my GMail inbox and notified via GMail Notifier. So I only need 1 extension I already need for mails anyway. I hated using extra addon just for RSS just because browser doesn’t have it at all.


  2. I should be an oldie, I am still using FeedDemon as feedreader. To sync, I patched it to use Reedah instead of Google Reader.

    Opera 38 is not bad, much better than Chrome/Chromium or even Vivaldi, but still far from old Opera 12, which was pretty fine, with the exception of it being abandoned.

    A pity Opera did not agree to make Opera 12 open source, probably to avoid Opera Blink competition.


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