Idiotic microtransaction crates in games

I’ve been “internally” annoyed over this for quite a while, but now I want to share this with other people as well. I don’t think I’ll change that myself, but every person that starts to doubt and avoid such system is a good change for entire gaming community.

Microtransactions have been around for quite a while. And believe it or not, I’ve used them myself. Well, not quite from within the game since it had no such store within the game itself, but they were virtual items for real currency.

I’m talking about Killing Floor game. The original one. You bought a core game that was the same for everyone. Same levels and selection of basic player models. And you could separately purchase more unique characters or character packs that had many cool player models to choose from. None of it ever affected gameplay, but you looked cool and unique with those models. If you liked them, you could purchase them. Fast forward to Killing Floor 2. It’s still in a lengthy Early Access on Steam, but it already has microtransactions system from very beginning. And boy it’s retarded as fuck…

It has no old system where you could browse the library of goods and decide what looks good and you want to pay for that. No no no, only way to buy customizations or characters is to get/buy a “crate” and then buy an USB key that unlocks it. And when you do that, game basically randomly assigns you bunch of crap you may or may not like.

The question here is, are people really this monumentally dumb they spend hundreds of dollars on this random bullshit? I’ve watched few Youtube gamers/streamers who spent 100 bucks unlocking generic ugly weapon skins in CounterStrike:Global Offensive. And I mean really butt ugly lazy re-skins of existing models. Considering how everyone is rushing to adopt this bullshit, apparently people are very dumb if this model is profitable in such a huge scale everyone wants it. I’d never spent even half a cent on this ugly ass crap. Some looked so ugly I don’t think I could make them as bad in a fucking MS Paint. But I would most certainly pay for professional full models like those found on GameBanana webpage made by people like Noob Inc. This guy makes incredible weapon models and skins. Now, I’d be willing to pay for this. It’s modeled, skinned and animated with new sounds in such a way I wonder how he still doesn’t work for a gaming company… But again, I’d have to look at specific model and decide if I want to buy it or not. Not some randomly assigned nonsense.

I wonder how these people buy goods in their real life? Do they walk to a bar and just say “I want a drink” and bartender just gives them some random drink? Or how they buy graphic cards in an online PC hardware store. Do they click “Buy graphic card” button and store just randomly assigns them anything from GeForce GTX 940 up to GeForce Titan X ? Of course they always pay the Titan X, but they may get an item of any random value. Of course not, you come to a fucking store, you pick a very specific desired item and you pay for it. Such random assigning of purchased goods would outrage the shit out of people if it was real. But in games, for some fucked up moronic reason, they just shell out hundreds of dollars without any problem. WHY!? Why the hell do you idiots do this? I don’t want this shit in any game.

I was looking forward to buy new cool player models and accessories for my Killing Floor 2 characters, but instead of potentially spending additional 50€,  I won’t spend a single cent for it. Sorry, but I’m just not that dumb to pay quite a lot of money for some retarded crates that will most likely contain bunch of garbage I don’t even want.

Remember, every time you pay for these stupid random crates, God kills a kitten. Think of the kittens!

1 thought on “Idiotic microtransaction crates in games

  1. It is money milking at it’s best. And as long as people will buy it, developers will produce it. Why sell you item you want in store and make you pay once. If they can tie it to RNG and make you pay a lot more in smaller quantities. In the end they earn more and unfortunately people are very easily swayed in gambling. There is reason why people go to casinos and get addicted to gambling. But I agree, it is microtransactions at their worst, like those time limited, buy weapon for a 7 days options.


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