Getting rid of mechanical disk altogether

Some probably remember my post from few months ago when I bought my new high end PC. I basically replaced everything except one thing that I just transplanted from the old one. The HDD. I’ve been using HDD+SSD hybrid array for quite some time, and even though performance was incredibly higher for fraction of a SSD price, the system had several smaller flaws that were getting on my nerves a bit. So, one day I just said, enough.

You may also remember some whiners who just couldn’t accept the fact I was still using HDD (with SSD) combo. Well, this should shut them up…


Notice the capacity in the top right corner? Yeah, that 🙂 And no, this isn’t April Fools 😛

From now on, only thing spinning in my system will be cooling fans. Now I’m off to re-install the whole thing clean.

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