Moving to the future with Google Drive and 7z

Goodbye OneDrive, hello Google Drive

Microsoft’s OneDrive has served me well for ages. It was my primary file storage for all my blog needs so far. But now, I think it’s time to move on. OneDrive is just too slow, too clumsy and too problematic to my visitors and users. And the way to link files is even clumsier. I’ll start migrating downloads to Google Drive. It seems faster, more user friendly and also has far better rights/access settings than OneDrive.

I’ve basically began the migration with the release of Killing Floor 2 Tweaker. The first download hosted on Google Drive. And I’m just in the process of migrating Adobe Flash Portable along with all other important downloads.

Goodbye ZIP, hello 7z

Along with the change of hosting service, I’ll also abandon ZIP archives in favor of 7z. Reasons behind this decision? 7z with advanced LZMA2 compression is currently the best file compressor in existence. It’s open, highly multi-threaded (very fast) and provides incredible compression ratio. It’s also been so long since its initial release that pretty much all other widely used archivers have adopted at least extraction of it. WinZIP, WinRAR, 7-zip, PeaZip and countless others. One way or another you’ll need one of these archivers sooner or later. And sure, there are other archive formats like ZPAQ which provide better compression, but they are horrendously slow and not as widely supported as 7z. So, 7z it is 🙂

List of most popular archivers you can use that support 7z:

And portable versions if current system you’re using requires admin rights and you don’t have them:


One thought on “Moving to the future with Google Drive and 7z

  1. while google drive is good, once your download reached a certain limit, public download for your file is disabled. i had this experience with dropbox and then i switched to google drive. same thing happens. switched to mega and no problem ever since. do note that mega is not owned by kim dot com anymore.


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