Wilders Security, you’re a bunch of wankers

I’ve been a long time member of Wilders Security. A community where all the nerds who love to fiddle with security software meet and exchange information. But yesterday, they done fucked it up. And originally, this was meant to be a very polite argument/post about it, because I just left their forum after the “incident”, but later when I came back to grab a screenshot, I’ve realized they also banned me. So here it is, the less polite version because fuck you Wilders. Great community fucked up with morons who moderate it. Not the first time I’ve seen it and not the last either. I guess every leadership of some community needs some time to show their true colors. And they just showed their turd like brown colors yesterday at Wilders Security.

Actually, I’m lying. They fucked it up long ago when they introduced the “No A vs B” policy. It was a lot more interesting to have conversations prior that dumb forum rule. But since I wasn’t affected by it later on directly, I was just mildly annoyed by it. With this, they enforced strict zero comparison threads between products to eliminate fighting between users (which I’ve hardly ever seen even before the rule came in action). All fine and great, but what they have done now is you can’t talk about anything actually productive because of it. You want to compare certain feature Kaspersky has to a features found or lacking in lets say avast! ? Nope, can’t have that because it’s “A vs B” bullshit. So, how the fuck am I suppose to explain or ask something if I’m not allowed to compare it with a feature competitor has and which in most direct and simple way explains it to others what I’m asking or talking about?

With such logic, you may just as well close the entire forum because all you can do on it is either being a developer posting updates about your program, a total absolute noob who needs an information about something or you’re someone who keeps on patting himself on his own back what a great of a fanboy he is because he constantly talks just about one brand. Because involving a brand B in the same conversation apparently gets you fucking locked and banned. O_o

Moderator locked this thread:

In case they try to erase this one as well, here is a screenshot…

Behold, the glory of A vs B. I was talking about the whole “free antivirus” part of the security industry and how it has nosedived into poor quality products ruined by the chasing for profit and it gets locked because “You can’t have dem A vs B”. Fuuuuuck youuuuuu.

A vs B for me is when you bash one brand with weak or no arguments to prove how second brand you’re a fanboy of is superior to it. But when you post a general observation about 90% of the industry, that ain’t fucking A vs B. That’s A vs B vs C vs D vs E vs F vs … It is physically impossible to open thread of such nature and not give arguments about each brand. Without arguments, saying they just suck would be a pointless bashing of brands. But hey, apparently my logic isn’t their logic…

But this wasn’t the tipping point. It was what came after. Contacted a moderator who of course refused to give a comment so I’ve posted a question to a general section what’s the deal. And guess what they did? Silently erased the thread like nothing ever happened. So, you can’t talk about it through PM with a person who locked it (it was angry, but a polite PM btw), you can’t talk about it in a general section. Well fuck you then. I get it, it’s your forum, you can do whatever you want on it, but that doesn’t change the fact you’re being an absolute dick. If anything pisses me of the most is this arrogant behavior when wearing a “Moderator” tag turns normal people in dickheads. And this was a prime example of it.

I’ve met some cool people at Wilders Security, but I don’t think I’ll be coming back even under a different name. There is no point really, because even if I change the name, same retards will still be moderating it and I frankly don’t see much point in being there if I’m being censored like that. If anything I absolutely hate censorship. And they are doing it like a true gestapo. If I became such a thorn in their heel after 12 years of “service” in their place in such bad way that they had to ban me, so be it.

Let this post be a reflection of how they roll so other people can see it. In a place where they can’t just wave with their magic moderator wand and make it go away like nothing ever happened.


18 thoughts on “Wilders Security, you’re a bunch of wankers

  1. Sorry to see you leave Wilders but fully understand your reasons; hope you reconsider after a cooling down period. Your posts were always worth reading.


    1. I don’t think there is much to reconsider. They straight out banned me because I dared to question their decision to lock a thread that wasn’t “A vs B” at all. Usually interface says “Suspended for X days”. Here it just says banned. So, there’s that…

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      1. They are retarded. Too much time on their hands and think because they moderate a silly forum, they are important. Lol. Not hardly


  2. Truly sorry to see you leave – I have always found your posts on Wilders to be spot-on. I have never understood why they enforce the A vs B policy strictly in the anti-virus forum and no where else. And I agree – that post was NOT A vs B! (This is why I only post there once in a blue moon.)


  3. I have seen great forum called Raymond.cc went downhill because of zero tolerance attitude. Sad to see Wilder’s going the same way. It’s time for the admin’s to change attitude. Btw, Could BleepingComputer-Enigma Software lawsuit made them this much paranoid?


  4. Not to be nasty but this does not surprise me. Honestly it is both sides who are to blame. A vs B turned the forum into nothing but fanboys of whatever their particular preference of security tools are, screaming at other fanboys. It serves no purpose. You want a war room then go to Malwaretips, which is a great forum but different. On the other hand the forum has become a bit stuffy. It is not an easy balance. Also, your opinions are just opinions. When making a point you cannot assume you are right based on conviction. I think Wilders did the right thing and I mean no disrespect.


    1. Bullshit. No other forum enforces such moronic policy and they are doing just fine. But on Wilders, you can’t even compare features between AV’s because that’s fucking A vs B for them. They are fucking mental fruitcakes. What better way to explain things you like or dislike than giving it with example within an actual product than going the length of explaining it and even then 3/4 of people won’t have any clue what you’re on about. And that’s exactly what I did in that thread. Opened it up to talk about how free products have become worse and worse, gave actual examples but that was A vs fucking B. Wilders has come to a point where wanking to one product is allowed, but god forbid you mention how some other product has something designed better in relation to some other product. Instant thread locking and if you dare asking for explanation, they just ban you because they are too chickenshit to admit they have no clue what the fuck they are doing so they just sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened. They are bunch of pretentious pussies and in a way I’m kinda glad I fucked away from that place. It’s a freaking hive mind of zombies praising each others products even though all of them are flawed and broken and only way to get shit fixed and improved is to talk about flaws. But you can’t have that because A vs fucking B. I’m now more on nsanedown’s forums and /r/antivirus on reddit. Not as active, but at least they aren’t douchebags.


      1. Speaking as someone who frequented the forum quite a bit as far back as 2005, and knew a lot of the members there, it has changed quite a bit. Most of those I knew are gone, and there aren’t many new posts each day. Also, I wonder if their search ranking has suffered as a result of fewer members? You used to be able to type Wilders in Google search and hit enter and see it listed, but now you need to add security after it to get the result. I understand moderation is needed in certain circumstances, but what they have slowly been doing since 2005 (besides chasing people way) is totally uncalled for. I see Malwaretips prospering, so they seem to have the right formula for a successful, informative, and fun forum. Enter Malwaretips in search, it is the first thing you see at the top. Which to me they are. A top forum with considerate moderation. A lot of members. And new posts that are interesting. Plus they have Help Me Decide, which I, and apparently many other members love.

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  5. I was there for a long time, and rarely go there anymore. For me though it was due to a certain number of members who just could not accept other people think differently. They always came into a thread and said “this is how it is” to which I would always argue, “but you could do it this way too”. They were arrogant pricks. so I stopped sharing.


  6. Hi @RejZoR… Have you heard of FMA Intel-Secure? They are full of shit. Can you do a thread about them to explain to people about their bullshit?


  7. Totally understand where you are coming from – had a similar experience myself with macrumors.com. Common sense no longer is common.


  8. Not unusual for Moderators to go over the top, seen it before.
    Probably Wilders is attracting less able people to these roles.
    Your general comment about A vs B is entirely valid & it’s shocking that you should have been banned. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, only rule is “don’t abuse others” & don’t lie.


  9. Its a piece of shit forum. I asked a question about firewall ruleset 10 days ago and they got it as spam. I told them fuckers to remove me and my username if I can’t post a damn thing.


  10. I’m a long time Wilders member and have posted quite a lot over the years but was jumped on by a trgger happy mod for an ad hominem attack when I was just trying to advise a new member. They wouldn’t discuss it and when I posted on the forum to see what was happening the post was removed. I used to post quite a lot but since then I post less because don’t feel as comfortable. Power crazed moderators have wrecked more forums than anyone else. Many forums are crippled by pedantic mods.


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