Need for Speed 3: NextGen released!


After long time, Need for Speed 3: NextGen patch has finally been released!

RejZoR and Evgeny Vrublevsky bring you the old epic racing classic from the late 90’s with latest Windows support, new enhanced graphics support, new visuals, new features, less restrictions and more fun!


  • Proper full support for modern Windows operating systems, including latest Windows 10 in 32 and 64bit
  • Fully portable, no more ties to the registry
  • Full widescreen support with resolutions up to 4K (UHD) and beyond
  • Enhanced Direct3D 6 mode with advanced fogging and lighting effects
  • No Ferrari/Mercedes licensing restrictions in Hot Pursuit mode
  • New 3DSETUP_NXG for easy rendering mode selection
  • Ability to add and drive traffic cars (optional)
  • DirectSound3D/EAX support via audio wrapper
  • Easy to use patcher/installer

New dedicated NFS3: NextGen micro page:

You can also access NFS3: NextGen micro page directly through My Projects menu above.


2 thoughts on “Need for Speed 3: NextGen released!

  1. I just wanted to say that what you two have done up until this point is great and I can’t wait to try this new release out. Monday I began looking for a way to play NFS III and happened upon your installer which worked like a charm! Then I began searching for a way to get higher resolutions and setup a Glide wrapper but it would only allow 4:3 aspects.

    Yesterday I found Evgeny’s patch and I was admiring what he had done with that.

    And now today you have posted this release just as I’m in the thick of my nostalgia.

    All of this because I went to a retro LAN party this past Saturday where we played some Q3A deathmatch and CTF.

    One quick question. Does this release include all of EA’s officially released patches? ( I was unsure if it was possible to install them after using your original patch to install the main game.

    Thank you both for all of your hard work bringing this game back to life!


    1. As far as I know it is based on latest NFS3 version. Then again Evgeny has rewritten so much of the code I don’t think it even matters at this point 🙂


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