Leave sexual assaults to the law enforcement

I’ve noticed an article where Bernie Sanders was talking about the issues of sexual assaults on college campuses recently. Now, I don’t really follow American political sphere much and I don’t know Sanders much either apart from hearing his name here and there on social networks, because after all these years, I still don’t understand American politics, but I get what he was saying here specifically. It’s something I’ve been talking about on Twitter quite often and I’ve decided to re-post my thoughts here. Most part of this article has been already posted on Reddit by me, but why not also post it here in a bit extended form.

Law enforcement is there to professionally deal with such crimes, not the “feels police” aka the lynch mob of the campuses. Crimes have to be dealt with facts, not feels and only law enforcement professionals are equipped with knowledge and resources to efficiently do that. We all know and are aware that rape is a very traumatic experience (we are talking about actual rape here, not “he asked me out for a coffee and now I feel raped” nonsense), but you just have to report it to police if you want to convict the asshole. Lynching alleged rapists is not the way to solve anything. You just end up looking like a total dick and destroying a life of an innocent person if you’re wrong (which happened way too many times to be random anomalies). Not that social justice faggots care, but still.

Instead, people should encourage everyone to be supportive of alleged rape victims (yeah, alleged, because every story has two sides until evidence confirms one side, otherwise I can just welcome you back to the 1600’s witch hunts), helping them out with emotional and mental help. Because that’s the tipping point. Victim of a rape is probably totally broken and devastated after the incident and will just want to hide into a dark place far away from everyone. They need help of a friend or people close to them to get them strong and safe enough to be able to report the crime properly to the police. But if evidence gets destroyed because victim wants to wash away the rapist’s filth in a shower or by waiting too long for evidence to degrade, that won’t help anyone but the perpetrator who will walk away free. Again, if your friend or someone close got raped, help them out emotionally, make them feel safe so they will be able to report the crime to the police. In time, so there is as much evidence as possible. Only with support of a close person they will gather enough strength to do it. That’s the most important part! Rallying lynch mobs years after alleged sexual assaults happened are entirely meaningless because after all this time, there won’t be any scientific evidence or witnesses. Most people don’t know what they ate 3 days ago for breakfast and some seem to think potential witnesses will remember for events that happened years ago. Or the evidence. It can degrade in matter of hours, days later, there will be nothing left to base the case on. I hope this info will never have to be used by anyone, but in case it will, remember that time is the most critical thing with such crimes. Contact law enforcement as soon as possible directly or contact a person you trust the most to help you out.

The whole way how social justice deals with sexual assaults is entirely backwards. They are tackling the issue from the wrong end and they are just making it all even worse by portraying all men as rapists and  all women as liars when rape accusations end up being absolute and total hoaxes. They encourage women to abuse this in order to get away with most retarded things like having sex, regretting it later and calling it a rape. And social justice lunatics are belittling actual rape down to having a convenient excuse for your mom to think you haven’t had sex with some dude. Be a man (a woman in this case, just a figure of speech…) and admit your mistake. You had sex, regretted it, mark it under “all the stupid things I’ve done in my life” and move on. Instead so many of them opt for destroying a life of an innocent person just because it’s so convenient. YOU DESTROY SOMEONE’S LIFE FOREVER. GET IT!? Even if they get cleared of all charges afterwards, their name will forever be tainted.

Social justice warriors are so bloody ignorant they don’t even see what kind of damage they are doing to all existing and future rape victims. Because lets be real here, we can do all the precautions and have 99% conviction of rapists and there will always be one crazy fuck who will sexually assault someone. That’s just the reality of this world.

So, don’t be a part of stupid lynch mobs who do jack shit to help victims and actually help victims to report the crime and law enforcement to do their job. They are trained for this and they know what they are doing. Unlike campus staff that’s NOT trained or equipped to scientifically gather evidence and from what I’ve seen they lack any kind of transparency. That’s no different than trusting your car theft investigation to your local store clerk. It’s the same level of stupid.

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