Our land, our rules!

With the recent most bizarre happenings with immigrants all over the Europe and by knowing how things already operate with Arabic immigrants who arrived to Europe years or even decades ago, I started asking myself something. Why country rules and laws apply to outsiders coming to Arabic countries, but when you reverse the situation, the rules not only “don’t apply” anymore, they are considered “Islamophobic” or even “racist”…

Now, lets just look at something that just doesn’t compute for me. Lets take a very basic, easy to understand example…

If you decide to go to countries in the Arabic part of the world or some north African countries, you’re warned in advance to dress in this and this way and that especially applies to women. And the western people respect that. It’s their culture, you arrive there as outsider, it’s normal to follow their customs, regulations and laws. It’s just how it is.

But here comes the tricky part. When you reverse the situation and people from north Africa and Arabic world come to OUR lands of Europe, we have to yet again obey their laws, their customs, their culture attire. Why? You came here, fuck your culture. These are OUR lands with OUR rules. Just like we have to respect yours, what gives you the privilege or rights to dismiss ours?

And I especially don’t understand that for immigrants who are now enforcing their own rules on our lands, in our governments.

Just look at UK. They have whole districts run by Islamic rules, districts where native British people don’t even want to go and authorities (police) prefers to stay away from them because they are so out of control. I say, what the fuck? Please tell me where in Saudi Arabia do you see entire districts of European people running things our way? Yeah, good luck finding that. You won’t find any. But having that in Europe, totally normal and logical. How and why, I don’t fucking know.

I’m not saying you should just throw your culture away or forget your heritage. No, keep it. Because all cultures have something interesting that isn’t fucked up beyond all extremes. But if you’re an outsider who comes to Europe for better tomorrow, it is on you to assimilate into the host’s culture. They are the hosts, you arrived into their country. You have to become part of their culture. If that culture allows women to walk around freely in whatever clothes they desire and talk to whoever they want and be worth as much as any man, then that’s how that country operates and you just have to accept that or piss the fuck back to where you came from. You can shove Sharia Law as deeply in your butt as you can physically do it. It has NO place here in Europe and again, if you don’t like it, fuck off. Same rules apply to us when we go to Arabic parts, so why this doesn’t work when situation is reversed?

Partial fault goes to European political cowards who don’t slam on the table and make order at once. Instead they act all politically correct like some fucking spineless weaklings. What the fuck!? Are you here to represent the interests of European people or outsiders? Just look at the shit in Germany. I can’t believe how Angela Merkel is still in position of chancellor. I just can’t. She’s openly betraying her own people, her own nation in favor of people who can only be described as savages. And she’s continuing this shit day after day for weeks and months now. It’s just mind blowingly retarded. This has to stop. Because if it won’t, trust me, civil war will happen in Europe. If political summit won’t take control, people will.

As you can sense from the escalating tone of this post, I am very pissed because of all this shit. And I frankly don’t give a toss if I’ve offended anyone. These are my observations and my thoughts. If you don’t like them, then you’re free to not read them. The charms of freedom, for as long as we still have it here in Europe…


9 thoughts on “Our land, our rules!

  1. Because here in Europe, especially in Germany, we do have People who are willing to do everything just get immigrants comfortable. There might be some immigrants who really need our help because of War and so on. But most of them are just here to get easy Money, is it by our Government or by stealing. We already knew that before “Köln” was in the News… but there are still so many blind People here in Germany, blind or stupid. Idk. So sad…


    1. We learned that when these mass immigrations started. When they were passing through Slovenia, they refused to stay here even though we are ok financially situated and free of any war. Not Germany standard of living, but fuck it, if I’m honest, we are living quite comfy life. Besides, they think they’ll just arrive to Germany and get amazing, well paid job and live happily ever after. German people also have to work hard to earn their living standard, nothing is given to them freely. And considering how ignorant these immigrants mostly are, I don’t think they are willing to work hard. Most of them will just become social rejects and a burden for entire Germany. And same applies for all other European countries. There is tiny minority of immigrants who can actually be called refugees and who are willing to forget everything about their culture and life just to have a better life. People like this tend to integrate into new society well and are willing to work hard and make their life better while not burdening others with their “baggage”. I have all the respect for such people, because that’s how I’d do it if I was forced to immigrate elsewhere.

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  2. No, you have not offended anyone, you are exact correct. I am a Jordanian from Amman, Jordan. Syrians just fucked up Jordan as much as you could imagine, Jordan is a small country, our authorities just brought in around a 1 million Syrians people to Jordan that equals 15% of the natives

    I tell you what, Syrians are beasts and very bad people, but not all of them, just most of them. I got many bad situations with many of them, regarding to money issues, they may steal they do not respect you they do not feel ashamed whatsoever happened. a lot of troubles came with them, Jordan has never been like now before that happened. The economic got fucked up, the jobs and the salaries got fucked up. Everything now is just as shit with some other includes.

    Let me back to your point about why do not they respect your culture “Just like we have to respect yours, what gives you the privilege or rights to dismiss ours?”
    You know what, I born in Amman, Jordan, thus I think I must be an Arabic person therefore! anyway, what I’d like to say that I suffer with people around me every fucking day, I suffer with Arabs more than any other nationality on the earth, I suffer with anyone who speaks Arabic, I suffer with all that fucked up mentalities around me every single day, just I wasted my entire my life time here like nobody, like an old socks.

    I know why you asking yourself “What’s wrong with those refugees?!!!”
    I tell you what’s wrong as I’m living with them, as I’m an Arabic as they are and living in Jordan, You need to know these things about Syrians specifically and Arabs in general To make sure you are ready to deal with them (but not with me of course, I’m a totally a different one 😀 ). They do not respect you in the first place, no matter what, they are waiting for any chance to take advantages of you, they do not respect that much the rules and the laws, they want to do whatever anytime, anywhere. They are going to stare at you and stare at anybody else with hungry eyes (You even wouldn’t know why is that like that), they are going to be more than refugees, most of them going to feel better than the natives, till you as a native feel that you are the refugee and they are the natives.

    Dude, I as a thinker with high morals and manners, I keep dying here every single day, so do not tell me you that much upset with those Arabic refugees, you just do not know anything. I assume that you are from Germany, am I right? If so, then If I was there, I am going to fuck the shit out of those Syrians, I know the cure. The cure is they do not deserve to be treated as human beings with free minds and souls, I do not say that they are animals; I say that they are sick-minded people. I say they are not that psychical healthy creatures, they must be healed slowly in some special areas before they can get engaged with societies and jobs etc..


  3. This blog is ILL informed as well as those commenting.

    You follow what the media tell you like sheep – they have an agenda and you’re falling for it hook, line and sinker.

    If you can’t empathise with a refugee whose country has been destroyed by the whole fucking world then you are dead inside.


    1. I’ve seen their attitude first hand, their own comments. They think everything will be handed to them freely and they have zero respect for all we have offered and given to them. I guess you haven’t seen how much respect they have for free food, clothes and transportation that I’ve paid with my taxes. They were throwing away food with one bite on it, pouring drinks away and wrecking buses and trains beyond ability to clean them. Sorry, but they just behave like careless savages. Large massive majority of them are immigrants and they aren’t even from Syria. Call me whatever you want, this info wasn’t obtained just by media. It was posted by people who work in those centers, from citizens living nearby and also some from media.


  4. I agree with some of what you say, however, I live in the UK and trust me, there are no places where the Police cannot and do not go. Yes, we do have some rare cases of civil disturbance, but I’m not aware of any related to the refugee crisis or a belief in Islam. I’m also not aware of any places that are out of control, as you put it.


    1. OMG mate you say you live in the UK and you do not know of any Muslim ghetto… Bury Park rings a bell? Jeez… the police is staying out and if you put on Youtube you see a lot of harassment of non muslims by the so call vigilantes , Muslim , of those areas , just by crossing certain areas at night.
      Wake up. There have been several Panorama and Chanel 4 reports and documentaries about Bury Park and other extreme Islamic communities. Just wake up pls.


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