AKG Y15 earphones review

Yeah, I’ve wrecked another pair of Sennheiser earphones by dragging my entire laptop with them, effectively bending the 3.5 jack plug, making it lose connection in certain positions. I loved those Sennheisers MX470 😦 Anyway, I already know Sennheiser makes good earphones, I’m just terrible at not breaking them 😀

So, this time I’ve decided to go with AKG. A very reputable Austrian company specialized in audio equipment. So I got myself the AKG Y15.


“In-ear” earphones, but not with those terrible silicone thingies that go deep inside ear canal. I don’t like that. They aren’t anything crazy or expensive. But they do have pretty interesting specs…

AKG Y15 have rather high frequency response range. 17Hz up to 23kHz is quite significant. Which means sound will have incredible clarity, but such headphones/earphones almost always lack a bit in the bass department. If you’re crazy for that, look at some other earphones. But this doesn’t mean they have no bass. It’s there and it’s not bad, it just isn’t as deep as it was on Sennheiser MX470 that I had before.

Construction is good though, I miss a bit of rubber where earphone and cable are merged. Cable is grinding directly on plastic. Otherwise the construction is quite good with very compact straight 3.5 jack. It’s really tiny and I like that so you can fit it anywhere, even to phones that are in thicker silicone cases with small phones cutout. Cable is split into two earphones using symmetrical arrangement.

Left earphone has a side indicator, meaning you can touch a tiny dot bulge on the left earphone even if there is zero visibility, so you never mix up L and R channels. Something you’ll also find on Sennheiser earphones. I quite like this tiny detail, it’s very useful.

Another strong point is the volume control. If I’m honest, I hate these things because they bloody always make sound crackling if you just slightly touch them. But not this one. Here, the volume control is big, sliding button with quite precise movement that doesn’t make audio crackling even when intentionally moving the slider. It’s not that cheap wheel type or tiny sliding one. Which is by itself a bit of a problem. It has quality, but being big means it’s a bit heavier. It’s not super heavy, but if it’s swinging around in mid air, you’ll feel its weight pulling the cable a bit.


While these are in general very good earphones, they do have a one rather significant downside. Cable is stupendously short. It’s exactly 1m long and that’s so short I can’t watch movies on laptop while leaning back on the sofa while having laptop on very edge of the living room table. Or almost anywhere while leaning back on the chair. Might be good for running so you don’t have to deal with miles of cables, but for my purpose, too freaking short. I had to order cheap additional 1m extension from eBay for like $2 to make them properly usable in my usage scenarios…


I’ve ordered AKG Y15 from German Amazon for 17.42€. It’s not super cheap and it’s not super expensive. I’d call it “reasonable”. Just don’t break them as often as I do hehe 🙂

Pros and cons for AKG Y15:

+ amazing sound with decent bass
+ solid construction and design
+ high quality volume control
+ physical L/R indicator for handling in darkness
+ really compact straight 3.5 jack connector
+ price
– bass freaks might be slightly disappointed
– lacks some bendy cable protection rubber on earphones
– cable too short at only 1m

2 thoughts on “AKG Y15 earphones review

  1. The sound a little muffle and muddy for my taste. Even Akg k311 with more cheaper price, better than this y15. And my mx 580.. a lot better. I slightly disappointed.


    1. if u listen on desktop in windows 7 sound tab the speakers properties – enhancements tab , if u enable sound equalizer to rock and if u enable environment modeling to theater they will sound airier …they will not be so muddy anymore (they inherit some flaw in spacial sourround or volume muffling or the good frequencies are not amplified, idk); just experiment with other settings too.I agree K311 are perfection right out of the box (but they are closed-back) so u cannot compare 100%, but i still think y15 or k315(i had them too) with tweaks sound improved (in terms of frequencies separation ) and maybe warmer and 3d`ish almost true sound


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