Twitter doesn’t understand its own features

Not sure what I’m on about? The story surrounds a journalist Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart London. He’s a faggot (hey, his words, not mine) with a sharp tongue and fabulous hair. He’s not afraid to say whatever he wants to say and he’s been quite a celebrity lately for involvement with the #GamerGate, his character and the fact that while he’s incredibly cheeky fella, he also keeps his facts in check. Which is a very rare thing these days in journalistic branch. And as every important person, he had “Verified” status on Twitter. You know, a feature that lets others know that person you see is the real one and not someone pretending to be them.

Apparently, Twitter itself, or shall I say people behind it don’t understand what “Verified” thing even means on social media (on their own frigging platform!), because they have removed this status from Milo. Which is hilarious. You can’t “unverify” a person unless it was proven that his identity was false. Which it wasn’t. They just removed his Verified status because these assholes are obsessed with control and censorship.

“Verified” doesn’t mean “obedient” user or a “good puppy”. verified status doesn’t carry any other function other than confirming identity of a certain person with some sort of celebrity status. Apparently that’s not the case for Twitter, because they just make shit up as they go.

Which is just an extra mark on how corrupt and politically biased social media is these days (Orwell is probably grinning like mad just now). Particularly Twitter with it’s constant peddling to the progressive left stack, helping their buddies reinstate accounts and ignore harassment when done by their buddies, censoring stuff they dislike or disagree with, shadowbanning users (censoring them without letting users know) fiddling with the trendings of hashtags they don’t want to trend etc.

Apparently Twitter people think unverifying Milo will somehow silence him. Oh boy they are mistaken. You don’t mess with Milo, darling. You just don’t… 😀 #JeSuisMilo



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