Direct URL tracking of DHL and UPS parcels

If you’re regularly ordering stuff online and you want to track packages on, lets say smartphone without copy&pasting the parcel tracking number manually on delivery service webpages (which is just clumsy using touch keyboards), just create a draft e-mail on PC in GMail with the direct URL (which also includes your tracking number) and you can check the status on phone by clicking that URL with the tracking number, opening the browser and tracking webpage directly. Which is so much faster and convenient. Or store the URL as bookmark in mobile browser and you’ll be able to check where the package is at any time without lengthy fiddling of opening the page and copying tracking numbers by hand into their search field. I’m using this all the time and it’s really handy.



Just replace the [TRACKING_NUMBER] with the actual tracking number supplied to you by the store and voila, you can quickly track where your goods are traveling. 🙂 It’s really super easy and super useful.


Guide for Royal Mail can be found here.

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