Manage SendTo folder on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

SendTo folder can be used to run/open any kind of file in any specific program without directly associating extension with the program.

One of programs that I wanted to solve this way was Paint.NET. On Windows 10, if you select several images, you can’t open and edit them all at once. So I’ve decided to throw Paint.NET exe into SendTo folder and be done with it. At which point I realized typing “sendto” into “Run” command doesn’t work anymore.

So, for modern Windows systems you have to use a different approach.

Open any folder, doesn’t matter which one and type shell:sendto into folder’s address field and hit ENTER.

Like so…


New folder will open, the actual SendTo. Just create a shortcut to desired program in it and voila.


This way you can use any program to open any file. Which can be useful when regular context menu doesn’t work as it should or when you simply want to perform some more exotic action with the given files…

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