Falsely accuse and expect no retaliation…


I don’t understand how these fucking retards just don’t get it. GamerGate happened as a revolt against corrupt journalists and their unethical behavior and these retards keep calling us “harassment campaign” and “persecution cult”. Of course they just expect us to be nicely quiet about it while they piss on us. Newsflash Cory Dickrow, if you falsely accuse someone of being this horrible god awful person and they know they aren’t, they’ll retaliate. They’ll defend their name. What you calla dogpile is what we call defending our name and mission. Because dumb motherfuckers like you are the reason why our voices aren’t being heard and why we haven’t achieved as much as we hoped for.

For fucks sake, it’s been more than a year and a half and we have achieved very little because of these fucktards calling us quote unquote “worse than ISIS”. Gee, and they even have the guts to wonder why we strike back (frankly, I just think they are so deeply retarded that they don’t even get it).

No other activist group I’ve ever heard has received such treatment as gamers demanding something as simple as fucking ethical games journalism. It’s not much to ask for, but apparently gaming world is so rotten to the very core that everyone is resisting so much. Everyone is pissing on GamerGate “activists” if we can call it this way, everyone is gamedropping (pissing on GamerGate revolters in entirely unrelated news) etc. Why? This is such a retarded clusterfuck of nonsense it makes my head spin.

Just piss of all of you with the harassment campaign bullshit because it makes no fucking sense. And if we are so horrible with driving women out of gaming, rape threats and all that shit thrown at us, how come not a single women has actually left anything or been raped in a year and a half time GamerGate exists? And we are somehow worse than ISIS. Sure mate. Just keep repeating this bullshit. You may distract outside observers for a moment, but in the long run, it’ll just make you look like a total dick. Dickrow… Who even is this asshole? :/

1 thought on “Falsely accuse and expect no retaliation…

  1. ‘Dickrow’ LOL

    But anyway, these people are complete wankers (figuratively, of course. They don’t have anything to wank with). It’s more than a bit fucking hypocritical to call Gamergate a harrassment movement, while I have a fucking collage made of all the vile shit anti-Gamergate has said. I’d post it here, but comments are text only.


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