People going batshit insane over same sex legal rights

I’ve seen this image today that was posted in response to same sex marriage referendum that will be running on 20th December 2015 in Slovenia and will (hopefully) sort out certain legal things for same sex marriages/relationships, if it will of course even pass…


And it got me wondering, what the fuck is wrong with people these days. I’m not the type of today’s progressives who’d allow everything and anything just for the sake of being “progressive”, but in this case, what the fuck people?

I know we have bunch of religious fanatics and bunch of people who oppose all this “coz religious reasons” and “think of the children” nonsense, but c’mon, be open minded for a bit.

If you’re a straight person like I am and you’re furiously opposing the changes of laws that would help same sex couples, ask yourself, how is any of it affecting you?

How does a marriage of two men or two women affects YOUR life? How does a divorce of such couples affects YOU? How do assets inheritance cases affects YOU? How does adoption of kids by such couples affects YOU? And so on and so on…

Frankly, NONE of this affects any of you people. If some woman or a man wants to live in a legal relationship with a same sex partner, it doesn’t affect me at all just like a marriage of traditional couples doesn’t affect me. And guess what, exact same goes for all the other questions. NONE OF IT AFFECTS YOU. AT ALL.

Not even the adoption of kids. People are going batshit insane over this one specifically, thinking same sex couples will now just adopt all the kids and none will be left for traditional couples that can’t have kids, but are willing to adopt them. There are priorities that are followed by social services and to my knowledge, same sex couples aren’t on the high priority lists. They can get kids, but is much more likely for traditional couple to get one than not. Besides, I think it was yesterday that I heard on TV how there isn’t even enough kids to adopt by the traditional couples that are infertile or have other problems. So, there is a problem for traditional couples as it is, including same sex couples won’t really change much. It’s the same as just adding more traditional couples to the list. Those will be on the same list as you and they’ll much more affect your chances of adoption than same sex couples. So, going crazy over this is just silly if you think about it.

And most same sex couples don’t even consider having children. This may not apply to all, but they already are aware of biological limitations and they are sort of already prepared to accept the fact they’ll probably never have kids.

Or the legal rights for assets inheritance by such couples. Currently, they have no such law to address how assets are divided or inherited in cases of divorce or death of one partner. Why is this even a thing that needs to be asked on a referendum? Just sort it out you lazy government paper pushers. You’re paid really well and in the end, nation is then doing your job, deciding things you could have done within your work time for the salary you’re already receiving.

Do you know what’s bothering me the most here, our country is going to spend 3 millions € for this referendum that is not even necessary. Just modify the fucking laws to include legal rights for same sex couples and be done with it. Then spend those 3 mio € to support more important things like financing adoption processes that are free, but still go from the country budget. Wouldn’t that be wiser?

And lastly, why the fuck is government asking us, straight people to decide for lives of people who’s sexual orientation, sexual preferences or bedroom activities do not concern us at all? That’s like making a referendum if disabled people on wheelchairs deserve slopes for easier accessibility to buildings. It doesn’t fucking concern us, doesn’t affect us, but we are deciding whether other people will have same rights as we do or not. In case of disabled people, they weren’t asking anyone, they just made the ramp slopes for easy access because that’s the right thing to do.

So, why aren’t they creating “ramp slopes” for same sex couples without bloody asking us and spending ridiculous amounts of money for it? They get the legal rights, it doesn’t affect the rest of us in any negative way (that I can think of anyway) and we save 3 millions. Isn’t this a more logical way of doing shit? Democracy is great and all, but sometimes it’s also really fucked up…

2 thoughts on “People going batshit insane over same sex legal rights

  1. Well said.
    I have always wondered why people seem to be so interested in someone else’s sexuality.
    Quite simply I don’t care if my family or friends are heterosexual or homosexual, because I do not share my sexual experiences with them, and I don’t want to know about theirs.
    So when it comes to strangers, I care even less about their sexuality.
    It is like getting angry because some people want to eat their egg, little-end up (Gulliver’s Travels reference).

    We live in an era where less people are getting married and those that do, do not often stay married for long.
    Many of my friends are Pagan, so they never had a problem with getting married as they did not require a Christian ritual.
    A Church you do not go to, should not have any power over your choice, even if it is the most dominant.
    However, the Church is over-ruled by Law anyway, so what the Church wants is of no importance.
    Getting married was once about making a public declaration of binding 2 people, so that everyone knows, these people are together (and off-limits), but since Law is involved a Legal marriage has nothing to do with a declaration of love, only a business contract, that can be done in a private room with 1 witness.

    So if the Church have no say in it, and a court of Law cannot show good reason why Law has an opinion of the matter, I agree “Why is there a referendum for something so simple ?”

    My closest friends were the first gay couple to get legally married in Cornwall, and we made sure it was a memorable event, with everyone in fantastic costumes.
    The Lawful civil wedding in a registry office did not compare to the beautiful Pagan ceremony we were privileged to be a part of afterwards, so in their minds that is the ceremony that counts.

    Democracy is not a good idea when you are asking about questions of taste or preference.
    Imagine if we voted on what we think is funny, or what is art.
    Sometimes we need those in power to act more like a parent and tell us “tough if you don’t like it, but this Law has no place in the 21st Century”.
    Why do we vote for Parties and Leaders if they don’t lead, or lead by example ?


  2. I’m a far away of your country, still I’d like to comment that they asking the straight people about that matter because they don’t want any violence to be happen between straight people and homosexual people, they as a country don’t want to take the full responsibility, they want others to share with, so if the straight people don’t mind, then we go with that, otherwise, we won’t go with that, simple as that.


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