Insulting religion of peace

Make fun of Christians, no one dies. Make fun of Buddhists, no one dies. Make fun of atheists, no one dies. Make fun of Islam, 130 innocent people die. And that was just recently…

We watch sketches, parodies and comedy movies where they make fun of Christian God, make fun of Jesus, make fun of pope and the list can go to infinity. How many people died because of that through all the last few decades? None. But make fun of Muhammad or Islam, heads will roll and there will be bombings and mass shootings at civilians.

So, please, do preach me more about how Islam is a religion of peace. No matter how much you people bitch how Islam is religion of peace, your behavior and your actions say otherwise.

And before anyone says I’m forgetting what Christianity has done through the history, fuck off, I’m an atheist. I’m not giving anyone a free pass. This is today, I don’t care what happened half a millennia ago, I’m concerned for today. And today, Christians (or any other religion for that matter) aren’t walking into theaters with fucking AK-47’s and killing hundreds of innocent people because someone made a drawing of their god damn prophet. For fucks sake.

There is literally NOTHING in this world that can offend you this much to justify killing of innocent people. NOTHING.

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