New BIOS v2001 released for ASUS Sabertooth X99!

ASUS has released a new BIOS version 2001 for their Sabertooth X99 motherboard. Not much info on it apart that it improves system stability. Well, yes please! Not that I have any problems with it, but I’m just obsessed with keeping everything up to date 🙂

Grab it here:

Make sure to write down settings because BIOS update always resets to default and loading old saved profiles doesn’t seem to work. It’s annoying to re-set all the fan settings when you have such complex fan setup as I have 😀 I had to again open the case and trace all the fans back to connectors and that took a while 😛


4 thoughts on “New BIOS v2001 released for ASUS Sabertooth X99!

  1. Really over this attitude of vagueness now days,
    “Improves Performance,Stability,Implimented Fixes” LIKE FUCKING WHAT!

    I installed this bios the other day and fortunately print screened every page of settings, that was easy, but it would be nice if these company’s tell us exactly what they fixed like in the old days. Back then we would have a nice detailed description so then people who actually care knew if they could avoid the update if it didn’t target their issue.

    Thanks to all the simpletons who used to say computers are for nerds and their blind clicking not giving a shit only to complain later about issues that have been created. After all why would they bother giving us a detailed description if the majority of users don’t even look and screw the rest of us over who actually give a shit.

    Makes me face palm, can’t stand this shit, it feels like nowadays with computers you have to take a leap of faith or fall backwards into the arms of someone who won’t catch you (and I don’t trust no mother fucker) so people who are like minded you understand my frustration due to lack of control.


    1. Yeah, would be nice if they were a bit more specific. I mean, if you’re having stability issues with I don’t know, RAM, you’d want to know if this BIOS fixes stability issues with RAM or something else and you’d be flashing it for nothing. Users probably don’t need super detailed changelog, but some more info would be nice.


  2. Too right RejZoR. It would be polite and courteous if they would include some changelog details, with an optional link to a detailed changelog. It would also be nice if Asus would provide a utility to backup settings and restore them (those that are appropriate and/or give options).


    1. You can save settings to USB drive, but apparently it refuses to load settings between different BIOS versions, meaning you have to actually write down settings on paper when you update your BIOS. Which is annoying when you have your settings changed so widely. I mean there is tons of parameters changed on my system just for the fan settings, let alone everything I needed to overclock the CPU, its cache, RAM abnd all the rest.


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