EA, pick up your god damn support “phone” will ya!?

Wanted to play some NFS Hot Pursuit 2010. People used to play this online even even a year ago so I wanted to give it a shot again because it’s so fun doing insane speed slides through corners. And all the fun ended when game displayed this to me when I wanted to fucking activate it using my original Limited Edition key found on the back of the game booklet…


Well, you don’t say!? When did I fucking do that EA, eh? When? I might have wasted 1 or 2 activations because I forgot to deactivate it before formatting the system, but I sure haven’t fucking wasted 5 of them. Moronic De-Authorization tool of course doesn’t work, because you have to use it on the system where game was installed and activated. Which I don’t have anymore because I’ve bought a whole new system. I even wanted to add the game to Origin, because I’ve used same Origin account to login to NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 AutoLog and thought the server will figure out it’s the same serial and add it anyway. Nope. Can’t do that. The game has been already used on another system. Yes, my god damn fucking system.

But fine, I’ll contact EA and let them sort it out…


Do you want to know for how long I’m trying to contact them? For 7 fucking days. SEVEN! In the evenings, in the morning and no one fucking picks up the live support request. It’s like everyone left EA support department and couldn’t be bothered to give a note on a fucking webpage. The fucking webpage says expected waiting time is 5 minutes. I’ve waited for hours in total across several days and no fucking response. I’m still waiting at the very same popup above as I’m typing this rant…

It was hard to dig out this contact and after constant failure, I wanted to send them a written support inquiry through e-mail or shit. Yeah right, can’t even find that shit. Live chat seems to be the only way and no one fucking seems to work behind it. At all. I don’t give a fuck if the game is 5 years old, I paid for it and I want to fucking play it. And I can’t because of the fucking moronic retarded DRM. This is exactly why I don’t have UPlay and this is exactly why I don’t buy ANY games from Ubisoft since they introduced this shit. And frankly, I haven’t bought many EA games either for the very same reason. If I have to buy a game, my first stop is either GOG because it’s DRM free and I’ll NEVER experience such retarded shit or it’s Steam, because even though it’s DRM by itself, it at least fucking works and they have a support that actually fucking answers the inquiries.

Btw, if anyone happens to know any way to contact EA in any other way than this fucking dumb “live chat”, please let me know down below so I can play this god damn game already…

2 thoughts on “EA, pick up your god damn support “phone” will ya!?

  1. It’s January 2016 and guess what, I still haven’t got fucking ANYONE to reset activation count shit. I have a stack of EA games that I can’t play. EA you are bunch of fucking assholes. I don’t fucking understand this shit at all. I’ve used EA Game Advisor in the past and I got someone to talk to in under 5 minutes. But now I can leave this shit “waiting” for hours and no one answers. It’s fucking idiotic. I want these fucking games working and after that I’m not buying any EA game ever. This is fucking insane. 240 € worth of games when new that’s not valued at 0€ because I can’t even fucking play them. EA, you had one fucking job and you fucked that one up as well. Jesus.


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